BOOOM! 2020 AFTERSHOCK RULING IN GA BURSTS THE “STANDING” DAM — GA Supreme Court Rules VOTERS DO HAVE STANDING to Sue Election Officials Violating Laws as Mounting 2020 Election Fraud Evidence Revealed Including 9K Extra Phantom Votes, 4K Duplicate Votes, 70% Hidden Votes & Bogus “QR Errors” in 97% of GA Counties

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GEORGIA – In the above video from 10/27/22 Jovan Hutton Pulitzer discusses the massive relevance of the recent GA Supreme Court Ruling. The GA Supreme Court has now ruled that VOTERS DO HAVE STANDING to sue election officials who violate the law. Up until now, VIRTUALLY ALL 2020 ELECTION FRAUD CASES HAVE BEEN DISMISSED FOR “STANDING,” not decided on the merits of the continually growing, massive mountains of election fraud evidence. This new ruling may set a precedent that gives many other cases traction, including Favorito’s pending appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court on his case #S22C1285 seeking to physically examine some hundred thousand expected fraudulent ballots from the 2020 election.

This could be the final crack that brings down the 2020 election fraud dam and washes away all the election fraud deniers. Jovan also gives action steps that you can do to help bring down the dam and change the course of history.

“In Georgia a Republican poll watcher discovered there was a recount error — even though they told you nothing was wrong in Georgia — and we’re talking another one of these states that’s effected by just over 20,000 votes, roughly. One poll watcher in Georgia caught an error of more than 9,000 votes that were given to Joe Biden, that were not there. This is part of the reason why we have our mail-order, maladministration, selected not elected, in the White House. This poll worker discovered there was a batch in DeKalb County Georgia, that was labeled to contain 10,707 votes for Biden, but in reality the box contained 1,081 votes. That’s it.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, when he released his Election Audit Report, that confirmed and revealed tremendous amounts of errors that were first revealed by VoterGA. We’re going to talk a bit about VoterGA. This was acknowledged that there were tremendous inconsistencies in Georgia. They put out a 36 point report that confirmed there are big issues in Georgia. Again, mainstream media ignored it. Everybody ignored it.”

You know what we’ve heard too much of? You don’t have standing. It doesn’t matter. Nobody, nobody got hurt. You can’t make a claim. That’s why I am telling you. I am going to give you the facts.”

“This Kemp Report that he did, this massive report that he did on election integrity, which confirmed a lot of stuff that was going on in Georgia, basically said there were 36 instances of duplicates or misidentified batches in the Fulton County. Right, when they looked at them. Remember when you saw the video of the batches? Somebody re-feeding them through the batches? Well, yeah. There were 36 instances of those. All of those batches were actually incorrectly reported batches. There were 4,255 duplicate reported votes that were added in November 2020. 4,255 duplicate votes. I already told you in one box they found 9,000. Here’s another 4,200. Do the simple math. Right? We’ll just call it 13,000 for giggles, in a state that was called by about 10,000 votes. Do you get the point why this matters?

“Also, in the mis-tallying, mis-writing up or whatever, Kemp reported there were seven totally falsified — we’re not talking errors — we’re not talking boo-boos. Seven totally falsified tally sheets. That’s where they write down how many tallies there are. This is stuff where they said there are 60 ballots here for Biden, 40 for Donald Trump. So you look at them. That’s what the images say. 60 for Biden. 40 for Trump. But, when they report it they reported it as 100 for Biden, 0 for Trump. You get my point? There were seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Joe Biden and 140 votes for Donald Trump, 11 votes for Joe Jorgenson and the tally sheets were falsified to show 850 votes for Biden, 0 for Trump, 0 for Jorgenson. Do you understand?”

“All of this stuff has been working through this issue. Pay attention to this next line. The suit that went there in Georgia regarding VoterGA came back and said — it was talking about all this stuff you just heard. It was dismissed based upon particularized injury, a ruling that defied 100 years of Supreme Court precedent. They said basically, nobody got hurt here. Remember that. They dismissed it on particularized injury, basically saying well, you can’t really prove somebody got hurt. Show me how they got hurt. This is Big. because they put in their words at this local level that there was no injury.”

“Now, as we go forward, what’s going on right now, as we head into these midterms that are what, a week away? You’re finding out that a lot of the errors that have been discovered on these ballots with the Q Codes and stuff — some people called it the Tennessee error — you’re now finding that that error, that weird error code is reoccurring in 97% of all the Georgia counties. Once again this is a big deal. It’s reoccurring, 97%. They know they have a problem.”

“Even the New York Times, today, and multiple days since, just wrote a story about a candidate in Georgia who basically didn’t get any votes or a few votes. We’ve talked about this. The person that came in last, remember her and her husband voted and even in her precinct, she got 0 votes. They went back and found out it was all junk. There were 3,792 votes that they really just didn’t count. And when they counted them they found out that the person that came in ‘first,’ by the machine, was, I think, dead last and this person won. That is the persistence of fighting this. If she wouldn’t have fought, but she had standing and had to do it right then, got her standing.”

Heretofore they have all been dismissed on Standing, and said nobody’s hurt, it doesn’t matter. Sorry, you can’t prove someone was hurt. That Just Changed.

— Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, 10/27/22

Garland Favorito of VoterGA Joins Mike Lindell and Brannon Howse to Discuss the Ground Breaking Voter Standing Ruling by the GA Supreme Court

In the above video Garland Favorito of VoterGA joins Mike Lindell and Brannon Howse on 10/27/22 to discuss the ground breaking voter standing ruling by the GA SC.

“We had three major things happen.”

“One was, we had an election challenge that went to court. And, this was the case [2022CV365755] where Linda Arnold got 3,000 votes and her name was never printed on a ballot. We beat back the motion to dismiss on that. I’m qualified, and my plaintiff, as expert witnesses in that case. That’s moving forward.”

“Then we had — you may not have seen the video yet, Brannon showed it a week or so. Ted Metz, a Libertarian Secretary of State candidate, basically nailed Brad Raffensperger in the Atlanta Press Club Debate, on the question of why he allowed 2,000 phantom votes to come in and continue counting three days after he said everything was going to be shut down, and Trump had Won.

“But, then the big one you’re talking about here, is that on Tuesday the Georgia Supreme Court basically confirmed what we, you and I and a few other people have been saying for months, and that is that anybody has standing to challenge a government official who violated the law. That’s pretty much common sense. If a voter doesn’t have standing, the elections in the state of Georgia would be a criminal enterprise, which is pretty close to what it is right now. So, we’re grateful that the Georgia Supreme Court confirmed that.”

— Garland Favorito on The Lindell Report, 10/27/22

“Georgia has long recognized that members of a community, whether as citizens, residents, taxpayers, or voters, may be injured when their local government fails to follow the law. Government at all levels has a legal duty to follow the law; a local government owes that legal duty to its citizens, residents, taxpayers, or voters (i.e., community stakeholders), and the violation of that legal duty constitutes an injury that our case law has recognized as conferring standing to those community stakeholders, even if the plaintiff suffered no individualized injury.”

“They remarkably added in voters as people who also have standing. Basically, what the Georgia Supreme Court said was that Citizens, Residents and Taxpayers all have standing to sue any government official who violates Georgia law.

— Georgia Supreme Court Ruling in Case S22G0039/S22G0045, Pg. 3

VoterGA Georgia Supreme Court Voter Standing Press Release

Download the VoterGA Press Release about the GA Supreme Court ruling voters do have standing.


GA Supreme Court Voter Standing Ruling

Download the GA Supreme Court Ruling that breaks the STANDING Dam.


GARLAND FAVORITO et al v. ALEX WAN et al Standing Lawsuit

You can follow the VoterGA lawsuit on the Georgia Supreme Court docket by copy/pasting the S22C1285 case number into the Supreme Court of Georgia Docket Search form. This is the case seeking standing to physically examine some 100,000 expected counterfeit ballots from the 2020 GA election.

Download a PDF of the Docket as of 10/31/22.


Download the VoterGA dismissal being appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court.


Download the original VoterGA lawsuit seeking to physically examine the expected fraudulent 2020 ballots.

Download the original VoterGA exhibits supporting the lawsuit

Full List of VoterGA Legal Filings

DOMINION QR Signature Mismatch Errors Cause Many Votes to Be Skipped and Hidden Across Multiple States

An “unknown” bogus QR error code was discovered in Dominion ballot scanner SLOG files of Williamson County, TN. Once triggered the “error” caused ALL SUBSEQUENT BALLOTS TO BE SKIPPED AND HIDDEN FROM THE VOTE COUNT. This same error was then also found in 66 of 68 (97%) of examined Georgia county SLOG files from the 2020 general election. It was NOT found on two counties that had their software reinstalled just before the election. In my opinion as a software developer, this appears to be an intentionally bogus “error” that may be triggered in order to skip and hide vast quantities of ballots while obfuscating the cause.

Since it did not affect systems that had been reinstalled just prior to the election, but did affect all others that had been installed much earlier, it may not have been part of the original programming. It could have been subsequently installed on the ballot scanners by inside actors or by outside hackers before the 2020 election was run, which would explain why more recently installed systems were immune.

Regardless of the cause, this issue alone clearly demonstrates why the 2020 election should NEVER HAVE BEEN CERTIFIED and why electronic voting machines are not to be trusted to run secure elections. Such machines will never be more secure than old-school paper ballots, hand counted by election workers in full view of election monitors represented by both parties. They should be counted at the local precinct level with the resulting counts then passed upstream. That would be MUCH more resistant to mass fraud than the current black box electronic voting systems that can be programmed to do anything to the votes from a central location as is becoming obvious happened in the fraudulent 2020 election.

David Cross Joins Brannon Howse on The Lindell Report to Discuss Uncovering the Williamson County TN DOMINION “QR Code Errors” in the GA 2020 Election

In the above video David Cross joins Brannon Howse on The Lindell Report on 10/4/22 to discuss uncovering the DOMINION “QR Code Error” resulting in many cast votes not being counted in Georgia similar to what happened in Williamson County, TN during the 2020 election.

“I got involved in election integrity with Garland Favorito right after the [2020] election mishaps started to happen. I dove into data analysis and it’s nearly gone on for two years now but it just seems like every string we pull, we just keep finding more and more and more evidence of fraud.”

We’re focused on objective evidence that can’t be denied.

“One of the most damning pieces of evidence that we found here recently was, there was an error that occurred last October, in Williamson County, Tennessee, and there were machines that miscounted votes. They literally missed — did not count, 70% of the votes in one particular precinct…”

What was reported up in Williamson County, Tennessee was what was called a QR Code Signature Mismatch and with all the people we have spoken to in software, we’re told that there’s no such thing.”

it caused 200 out of 300 ballots not to be counted in Williamson.

“I saw this error in Gwinnett County from the 2020 primary and I remember seeing it so we then blasted out a request for all counties in Georgia, all 159 counties and we were blocked by the Secretary of State’s office unlawfully. But, we did manage to finally pull in 66 counties gave us their data files and we found 64 counties were infected with the exact same issue that Williamson County Tennessee had.”

There are scanners in essentially every Georgia county that are not counting the ballots properly.

“I literally had to threaten Ryan Germany, who’s the General Counsel for the Secretary of State. I had to threaten him with reporting him to the Inspector General. As soon as I actually wrote up the letter, and sent it to the Inspector General, and sent him a copy, magically, 12 hours later, the floodgates opened and we started getting the data files.

The denial that election fraud occurred, it’s just incredible because, when you see the legions of people that are out there, that voted for President Trump, I can’t fathom that anybody can not believe for a second, that there was maybe just a smidge, of election malfeasance. In our investigations going through this, what we found was — when we started this investigation we thought oh, we’re going to find this one smoking gun and that’s gonna be the end all be all. It turns out it’s like pulling on the strings on a sweater. I think we’ve found like 20 different ways that votes can be manipulated and the ways that things can be changed.

Really what we have is the foxes are guarding the chicken house and the foxes are politicians.

— David Cross on The Lindell Report, 10/4/22, from

Garland Favorito Joins Brannon Howse on The Lindell Report to Discuss Bombshell Dominion ‘Error Code’ That SKIPPED AND HID 70% of the Votes in One Williamson County TN Precinct ALSO INFECTED 97% of Georgia Counties

In the above video Garland Favorito discusses the details of the DOMINION “QR Code Errors,” with Brannon Howse on The Lindell Report 10/4/22.

On March 31, 2022, the EAC released a report on the “Tennessee Error” entitled, “Dominion Voting Systems D-Suite 5.5-B”, which incredibly states “the direct cause of the anomaly was inconclusive” and “erroneous code is present in the EAC certified D-Suite 5.5-B and D-Suite 5.5-C systems.

In essence, the EAC and Dominion admit they do not know the cause of the problem, and there is no explanation or definition of the “erroneous code”, nor how it got there after the software was certified by the EAC.

The report continues, “analysis of audit log information revealed entries that coincided with the manifestation of the anomaly; a security error “QR code signature mismatch” and a warning message “Ballot format or id is unrecognizable” indicating a QR code misread occurred. When these events were logged, the ballot was rejected.”

In other words, as the Election Oversight Group explains:

“Investigators reviewed the system log (SLOG) files (it’s just a diary the scanner keeps of the election), and it showed multiple instances of an error called a “QR code signature mismatch” with a warning message of  “Ballot format or id is unrecognizable.” Testers noticed that the machines counted the votes properly until the error was triggered. After the error was triggered, the current ballot in the machine was not counted, and every ballot after it was not counted – until the machine was reset.

The U.S. government report explains that Dominion’s tabulator marked all of these uncounted ballots as “provisional” even though tabulators typically do not scan provisional ballots, which are customarily hand-marked paper ballots that are placed in an envelope and addressed by election officials after the polls close.

Furthermore, according to Moncla, the uncounted ballot images “were in a provisional folder that was hidden from the tabulator’s count and the poll closing tape.”

“In other words, the tabulator didn’t reflect their existence anywhere.”

— Kanekoa Substack 10/4/22

Election Oversight Complaint: Error Pair Causes Undercount in Elections

In Georgia, two persistent citizens, Kevin Moncla and David Cross, who founded the Elections Oversight Group, discovered the same anomalies and [Williamson, TN] QR code failure errors in 65 out of the 67 counties from which they were “able to obtain the requisite records.” The numbers are significant, representing “some 97% across the state’s” 159 counties.

Sadly, in both cases, in their attempts to investigate and resolve the anomalies, these citizens were met with outright obstruction and delays in obtaining records and answers at almost every turn. This column focuses on months of investigation that ultimately led to the complaint filed by Moncla and Cross on October 11 in Georgia.

— Wendi Strauch Mahoney, Uncover DC, 10/17/22

DOMINION “QR Error” First Surfaced in Williamson County TN Where it was Initially Investigated and Reported

Download EAC Report of Dominion Investigation, Williamson County, TN


GA SOS Brad Raffensperger Admitted on Live TV that TRUMP WON the 2020 GA Election and that There Were Not Enough Votes Left to Count to Change the Outcome, Before 250K Extra Phantom Votes were Added, and Counted, to Change the Outcome

In the above video of the 2022 GA primary debate, Brad Raffensperger dissembles and obfuscates after being asked by Ted Metz why he allowed additional ballots to be counted, after previously acknowledging, on live TV, that all the ballots were in and there were not enough left to flip the election to Biden. He admitted Trump had won the election. He then allowed over 250K additional phantom ballots to be found and counted to flip the election to Biden. He had no answer why he certified those results of course, other than to filibuster.

The following video breaks down the numbers and shows the timeline where Brad Raffensperger, the SOS of GA, admitted on live TV that there were 2.7 million votes with only 2% left to count. Trump was way ahead at that point and 2% was not enough to flip the election to Biden. The video also details a mountain of additional election fraud evidence showing the election was hopelessly corrupted.

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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