ELECTION UPDATES: AFTER GOP WINS THE HOUSE, MAGA SURGING TO WIN IN AZ — Abe Hamadeh Pulls Ahead for AZ AG & Kari Lake Pulls within Striking Distance of 4083

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Abe Hamadeh Pulls Ahead for AZ AG & Kari Lake Pulls within Striking Distance of 4083

“It is Mathematically Improbable for Katie Hobbs to Win at this Point” — Caroline Wren, Senior Advisor to Kari Lake

After Sketchy Mail-in Ballots Went Heavily for Hobbs, Kari Lake Now Poised to Win in Arizona on Red Wave Election Day Votes

Abe Hamadeh, Blake Masters and Mark Finchem also closing strong riding Kari Lake’s Red Wave.

#RIGGED! — Red MAGA Tsunami Dashed Upon the Rigged Election Machine Composed of Black Box Electronic Voting Tabulators, Unchecked Mail-in Ballots, Dirty Voter Rolls and Ballot Trafficking

After historic gains were made in Florida, where a strong Governor and legislature had strengthened election laws leading into the election, the Red MAGA Tsunami was dashed upon the rigged election machine composed of black box electronic voting tabulators, unchecked mail-in ballots, dirty voter rolls and ballot trafficing throughout most of the rest of the country.

“When I can tell you that there were 330,000 votes from Dr. Oz moved over to Fetterman, take it to the bank. It’s good technology. We’re able to analyze it. We have it from multiple sources this time, because we have the scar tissue from the 2020 election. And so, that’s why we’re having duplicate solutions — technology that in fact corroborate what we’ve found.”

— Retired Air Force General Thomas McInerny on The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson

It’s time to get to the bottom of the rigged election machines, stop the unchecked mail-in ballots, clean up the dirty voter rolls and go back to honest paper ballots, counted in full view of representatives of both parties, or our Republic is truly lost forever.

You’re FIRED! Red MAGA Tsunami Sends Pelosi Packing

GOP easily takes the five seats needed to wrest control of the House of Representatives away from the Democrats that sends Nancy Pelosi packing.

Jeff O’Donell Reveals First Real Time Signs of Alleged Electronic Voter Fraud Algorithms in GA & PA Races

Just as Herschel Walker surpassed Warnock, Warnock’s votes miraculously spiked up by 100K votes, enough to maintain his lead ahead of Walker’s rate of gaining on him. What a coincidence.

There are a number of negative adjustments made to the running vote counts in the PA Governor’s race, possibly to keep the vote totals within an acceptable margin to avoid having the algorithm going over the number of available voters, and becoming obvious.

— FrankSpeech.com

Red MAGA Tsunami Starts Building in Florida

Florida’s Miami-Dade County turns red for DeSantis: First GOP gov to win in two decades

Miami-Dade County in South Florida had a change of heart Tuesday and went red as voters supported Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis who is projected to be the first GOP governor to win the county in two decades. 

The county’s shift from blue to red was part of a predicted successful evening by the GOP in an effort to take back full control of Congress. The Fox News Decision Desk projected Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican, will defeat Democrat Val Demings. 

— Louis Casiano, FoxNews

Republicans pick up Florida congressional seats, dominate Tampa Bay

Florida is poised tosend 20 Republicans to the U.S. House of Representatives, an increase of fourfrom the current delegation — and a help to the GOP’s bid to control Congress.

Though it’s too early to tell if Republicans will take control of Congress again, in Florida’s 13th and 15th districts, Republicans made strides with the victory of Anna Paulina Luna and Laurel Lee, respectively.

Both handily defeated their Democratic opponents and will become the newest members of Congress’ freshman class.

— By Romy Ellenbogen, Tampa Bay Times staff

Fauci Better Get Ready to Rumble, Rand Paul Reelected!

Blood Moon MAGA Tsunami strikes first blood tipping Guam for first time in 30 years.

Don’t Let Guam “Tip Over” Vote Republican

6:30PM ET — Delusional Democrat Hank Johnson proven right! It looks like Guam could “tip over, and capsize.” LOL!

Guam Elects First Republican House Delegate Since 1993

Guam has elected a Republican as its non-voting delegate to Congress for the first time since 1993, an encouraging development for the GOP in the first 2022 midterm race called.

— By BRITTANY BERNSTEIN, National Review

Mike Lindell Proven Right: “These Machines Have Got to Go!”

Right out of the gate voting machines “failed” (or likely worse) all across the country, starting in Maricopa County, AZ, Ground Zero of the 2020 Election Fraud.

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