UPDATE: Members of House & Senate Ready to OBJECT to Election Results 7 Alternate Slates of TRUMP Electoral Votes Stand Ready for CONTESTED ELECTION

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UPDATE 12/17/20 – One of the reasons for sending the alternate slates of Trump electors to cast alternate Electoral Votes for Trump was so that they would be available on January 6th when Congress convenes to count and certify the Electoral Votes. At that time, if one member of the House and one member of the Senate object it triggers a debate where slates of electors may be chosen for Biden, may be rejected as invalid, or the alternate slates of electors may be chosen for Trump. This could give Biden the win outright or give Trump the win outright, or in the case where there are not enough electoral votes on either side (due to rejecting enough of them) then the House would vote to elect the president, but each sate would only get ONE vote, and Republicans control 30 of the state legislatures.

Representative Mo Brooks had already said he would object in the House and was looking for a Senator to do the same. Well folks, it looks like newly elected Senator, Tommy Tuberville, and others, are ready to step forward and object in the Senate. So on Jan. 6th. It looks like this election may be headed for a floor fight in Congress. If President Trump can press the case with enough evidence that shows at least three states results are fraudulent, to the satisfaction of enough members of the House and Senate, then he could still win this stolen election.


President Trump Trolls the Fake News Media with Christmas Portrait

Check out the portrait in the background. Duck, Duck Go his election.

7 Contested States Send Trump Electors to Cast Electoral Votes for President Trump

12/14/20 – Today while the Fake News media and their Big Tech social media minions lauded the casting of Electoral Votes for former VP Biden something is stirring below the surface that they virtually ignored and suppressed. Seven battleground states, where there are mountains of evidence of systemic election fraud, sent alternate slates of electors who cast their ballots for President Trump. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico all sent alternate slates of electors to cast their electoral votes for President Trump. These cast electoral votes are now available on January 6th when Congress convenes to count the electoral votes in case President Trump succeeds in the SCOTUS or in state legislatures resulting in dueling slates of electors. So these electoral votes act like placeholders to keep Trump’s options open while the lawsuits continue to work their way to SCOTUS and in case he invokes Executive Order 13848 on Foreign Interference in US Elections.


NEVADA Casts 6 Alternate Electoral Votes for Trump


GEORGIA Casts 16 Alternate Electoral Votes for Trump


PENNSYLVANIA Casts 20 Alternate Electoral Votes for Trump


MICHIGAN Casts 16 Alternate Electoral Votes for Trump

The Michigan Governor attempted to prevent them by barricading the state house with state police. Why would she do that if this was a “pointless” exercise? Because it is not pointless.

NEW MEXICO Casts 5 Alternate Electoral Votes for Trump

WISCONSIN Casts Alternate Electoral Votes for Trump

ARIZONA Casts 11 Alternate Electoral Votes for Trump

Could President Trump Leverage Obscure Section 15 of Electoral Count Act of 1887?


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