UPDATE: Absolute Proof of the Big Steal, Mike Lindell Banned Video & Navarro Report

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UPDATE 3/26/21 – Mike Lindell dropped more bombshells today on Steve Bannon’s War Room Ep 829. He announced that he has another election fraud video coming out soon, Absolute Interference, which will expose further evidence of the election being stolen. He plans to release this new video on his new free speech social media platform – FrankSpeech.com.

UPDATE 2/12/21 – As I mentioned before, most of the election fraud in Lindell’s movie is verifiable, but some may not be, and deserves further investigation. I was always curious about the sources and methods used to acquire the data used at the end of the film. Gateway Pundit is now reporting that the data in that last portion of the film may have been intentionally manufactured and fed into the effort to expose the stolen election, as a way to distract, derail and discredit any investigations into the real election fraud.

To our disgust, we confirmed earlier this week that information was inserted into the 2020 election fraud narrative to sidetrack and defraud the effort to uncover the fraud.  The man behind this false information is a huckster with a long track record of deceit, Dennis Montgomery.

Earlier this week, Larry Johnson at the Gateway Pundit, reported that Dennis Montgomery was behind an operation to insert false narratives into the 2020 election fraud investigation.

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2/6/21 – Despite the hysterical efforts of the leftwing democrats, their Fake News Media and their Big Brother Tech Socialist Media to censor and hide the facts that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, Mike Lindell dropped a bombshell video – Absolute Proof, on MichaelJLindell.com. Mike walks through some of the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud and election fraud that the left is desperate to suppress. As soon as the video was released it was quickly banned and deleted off the #BigBrother Tech #SocialistMedia of YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter. So it quickly began to spread like wildfire across the #FreeSpeechMedia of Rumble, Bitchute, MeWe, CloutHub, Gab, Minds, Mastodon and Telegram. Just one broadcast media company had the fortitude and resolve to speak the truth about the stolen election, OANN – One America News Network. OAN allowed Mike Lindell to run the documentary in a loop, multiple times a day for a few consecutive days, to get the truth out there.

As the left desperately tries to suppress and delete the truth about the stolen election, this video will be banned, blocked and removed along with anything questioning the results of the election. So watch it, and download it before it gets scrubbed. Some of the information in Mike’s video is easily verifiable. Some is not. For instance I would like to know how the data at the end of the video was collected, so that it could be verified. But, if anything in the video turns out to be incorrect or wrong, then it should be easily disputed and discussed, NOT banned and censored. Censorship is often done by those who can not stand up to the truth. That leads me to believe that there is at least some truth in the video that they want to suppress, even if some of it turns out not to be true. But it should at least be investigated more thoroughly, rather than simply brushed off. MORE discussion is the way to get to the truth, NOT by censoring or banning one side of any argument. It should be up to the people to decide what the truth is. It should not be up to one side to simply declare what they say is “true,” and declare everything else as verboten.

Mike Lindell’s video above discusses the old-school voter/election irregularities along with the cyber and machine irregularities in the election. Peter Navarro’s report below drills down into the overwhelming old-school irregularities in much greater detail with copious references. It is up to the PEOPLE to decide whether any of this deserves further investigation. That is, if we are still a government of, by and for the PEOPLE.

Winning an election is a very different thing than stealing an election. Repeating the #BigLie that Biden won the election, does not make it true. The more evidence that comes out, the more it looks like #TrumpWon #BidenCheated and was installed as an illegitimate #FakePresident on January 20th, 2021.

In the above video Steve Bannon interviews Mike Lindell about his banned video, Absolute Proof, in Bannon’s War Room Ep 712.

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The Navarro Report Exposes the Overwhelming Evidence of #TheBigSteal

Peter Navarro has compiled and summarized some of the key evidence of voter fraud and election fraud of #TheBigSteal some of which was discussed in Mike Lindell’s blockbuster election fraud documentary – Absolute Proof.

Download the Navarro Report


Unmasking the Truth of Overwhelming Election Fraud Evidence Revealing #TheBigSteal of the 2020 Presidential Election

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  • Why can’t the Supreme Court at least watch, analyze and discuss the claims and concerns that Mike Lindell lays out in the video. I realize it is almost an impossibility to overturn the election. That would require a divine intervention. But what I’d like to see is for the Supreme Court to recognize that there was indeed a massive amount of fraud in the election. It would be great to at least let the American people know that their claims of no fraud were false. For me it’s peace of mind and I’d love to hear the many who criticized me for being a fool to support Trump. Their job is to defend the constitution of our great country. They have an obligation to the American people to tear apart the claims Mike Lindell made. To dissect them to determine the truth of these claims which are very compelling.
    I’d be the first one to say that often time Donald Trump put his foot in him mouth. Yes, he is a narcissist but in many ways aren’t we all. In other words if your good at your job don’t you like to give yourself praise. Aren’t you boastful if your a great athlete. But all these prideful remarks from Trump have nothing to do with his ability to govern. The accomplishments he has done in 4 years exceeds that of any president in my 69 years. I cannot understand how people can have so much hatred for a man. I’m not a Biden supporter but I don’t hate the man. I think many of the EOs he signed are done our of vindictiveness or due to huge supporters and it’s a form of payback. Some of these decisions have cost hundreds of thousand of jobs due to the trickle down effect. I hope my comments could be published for others to see. I know I’m not alone in these concerns.

    • I hear ya! Tune into One America News tonight at 8PM. Steve Bannon and Mike Lindell are supposed to go through his video Absolute Proof and dissect and discuss it in further detail. Should be enlightening.

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