After 65 days of preparation Biden has press conference using cheat sheets

After 65 Days of Preparation Hidin’ Biden Stumbles Through Press Conference Using Notes and Cheat Sheets with Pictures

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Washington DC – It became obvious why Hidin’ Biden failed to address a joint session of congress when he gave his first “solo” press conference after 65 days. He is just not capable of it. One would think that with 65 days of preparation, Biden would be able to handle a single press conference for his own Democrat propaganda Fake News media lackeys tossing him pre-screened and pre-selected softball questions. However, even in such circumstances, he still had to resort to notes and cheat sheets. Biden’s cheat sheets even included pictures of the reporters with pre-selected numbers written on them, indicating the order of selection. And even with his notes and cheat sheets, the staged “press conference” was marred with lies, distortions, excuses, obfuscations, gaffes and mental lapses as Biden stammered through the disastrous ordeal.

The above image shows a satirical look at what might as well have been on Hidin’ Biden’s cheat sheets.

In the following video Darren Beattie joins Boris Epshteyn on the War Room Ep 826 to talk about Biden’s concerning declining cognitive abilities on full exhibit in his first press conference after 65 days of hiding.

Biden Doesn’t Know Where He Is, No Way He Got 81 Million Votes


EXPOSED: Now We Know What Was On Notes Joe Biden Kept Looking At During His First Press Conference…President Joe Biden gave the first press briefing in over two months in office on Thursday. At his briefing, he kept looking at his notes over and over again. Now, we have a look at what was on those… 7:03 PM · Mar 25, 2021

The apparently rapidly deteriorating Biden is obviously not capable of running the country. So who is? And how long will it be until he is inevitably replaced by the radical leftist and horribly unpopular Kamala Harris, who only received about 3% of the primary vote before dropping out of the primary race.

Biden used ‘cheat sheet’ during first press conference; Fox News host Chris Wallace knocks president for ‘reading talking points’

‘Biden appears to be calling on reporters from a prepared list,’ one White House reporter said

Joe Biden had a cheat sheet of all the reporters with numbered circles by the ones he was supposed to call on. #Scripted

Brick Suit@Brick_Suit·Mar 25, 2021

After 65 days in office to prepare for his first press conference, President Joe Biden relied heavily on notes for certain questions from the media. The 78-year-old Democratic president also had a cheat sheet with photos of White House reporters, which he seemingly used to determine which reporters he would call on during

The cheat sheet in question had the faces and names of White House reporters, as well as what news outlets they represented. The guide was organized to show where the reporters were sitting during the press conference. The reporters had numbers next to their faces, which many speculate apply to which reporters Biden was instructed to take questions from and in what order to take them.

The Blaze

MEMO FROM THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS OFFICE: please submit to us your questions for @joebiden’s first press conference. @PressSec JEN PSAKI will get back to you about whether or not your questions was approved. Thank you “reporters”!!!

Greg Kelly@gregkellyusa 7:10 PM · Mar 16, 2021

Photos show Biden, 78, relied on 14-point font prompt cards during his first press conference, including one with head shots of reporters he planned to call on: Lost his train of thought at times

Images taken during President Joe Biden’s first press conference on Thursday showed him using cheat sheets – which did not prevent him from misstating key facts and losing his train of thought at times. 

The 78-year-old Democrat is seen holding one sheet that showed the headshots of journalists at the press conference that he planned to call on. 

Another cheat card listed stats about infrastructure, but Biden was still forced to correct himself after mistakenly saying the US ranked 85th in the world in infrastructure. 


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