AG Bill Barr Life, Liberty and Levin Interview Totally Shreds the Left

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WOW! AG Bill Barr Life, Liberty and Levin interview totally shredded the Leftists running the Democrat party. In this wide-ranging tour de force interview he torches everyone from BLM/Antifa, Russiagate, Impeachment, the Flynn setup, leftist judges, the Democrat party and their complicit fake news media. If you missed it, try to catch the full episode when posted or rerun. He was phenomenal! The above video clip shows the first part of the interview. When you stop the video you’ll see thumbnails at the bottom showing other portions of the interview that you may watch as well.

AG Bill Barr Life, Liberty and Levin Interview Totally Shreds the House Judiciary Committee & the Left

“I think they were afraid to have me speak and so they decided to burn up all the time and not give me any time to answer. So I quickly caught on to the tactic I think…

The dialectic, the marketplace of ideas trying to arrive at the truth. We had an idea that there was some truth to arrive at. And then if we couldn’t reach agreement, a vote. And that’s how we operate. Nowadays the left has essentially withdrawn from this model and really represents a Rousseuian Revolutionary Party that believes in tearing down the system. That what’s wrong about America today all has to do with the institutions we have and we have to tear them down and they’re interested in complete political victory. They’re not interested in compromise. They’re not interested in dialectic exchange of views. They’re interested in total victory. It’s a secular religion. It’s a substitute for religion.

They view their political opponents as evil because we stand in the way of their ‘progressive utopia’ that they’re trying to reach. That’s what gives the intensity to the partisan feelings people feel today. Because for them this pilgrimage we’re all on is a ‘political pilgrimage’ and everything is reduced to politics. For people who don’t have that perspective politics is important but it’s not the whole purpose of life.”

-AG Bill Barr

AG Bill Barr Shreds Media Portrayal of President Trump

This portion of the interview will especially tweak the left. It destroys the carefully crafted caricature of President Trump constructed by the leftist fake news media.

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