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WISCONSIN – In the above video Reince Priebus discusses all the latest developments of investigating 2020 election fraud in Wisconsin with Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room Ep 1,198. First they addressed Mo Brooks unforced error at the massive Trump Rally in Alabama. Mo tried to tell the crowd to put 2020 behind them and focus on 2022 and 2024 before almost getting booed off the stage by the 30-40,000 Trump supporters who braved the rain to attend the rally. It is becoming more obvious to everyone that American Patriots will NOT STOP pushing for full forensic audits until the truth about the 2020 election is fully exposed for all to see. Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide and they will not accept a fraudulent ”President.” So more of the GOP are finally finding their backbones and hopping on the forensic audit train, or back on it if they had stepped off, like Mo Brooks who was the first to rise to object to the certification of the 2020 vote.

Wisconsin has the most clear cut cases of provable election fraud of any of the battleground states because there are scores of clear violations of Wisconsin’s tough election laws. The election clerks simply made up their own rules, in direct violation of the law, without any authority to do so. Ever since State Representative Janel Brandtjen, Chair of the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, announced an intensive AZ style forensic investigation into 2020 election fraud last month, others in the Wisconsin legislature have been hopping on board the Audit Train as it picked up steam.

Here’s a transcript of much of what Reince had to say for reference.

“I know what people in our party want. I know what we need to do. And number one is to clean up what happened in 2020 which was, from my vantage point, you’re right, I flew out to Milwaukee a couple days after the election and what we found was a total and complete disaster.

“Wisconsin is a clean case. I mean we went into Wisconsin and the folks here said ‘Well we don’t know if anything’s wrong here but maybe things need to be looked at.’ I said wait a second, how many absentee ballots do we have here in Wisconsin? ‘Oh well we’ve got millions of ballots.’ Hang on a second, how many early vote ballots do we have? ‘Oh well we have all kinds of…’ Wisconsin doesn’t have early voting period. Unlike a lot of people watching here, Wisconsin does not have early vote. We only have absentee ballot voting and election day voting.

So what happened in Wisconsin is that the clerks of Wisconsin, including the Wisconsin Election Commission, created its own set of rules that allowed for people to vote early by absentee ballot. Let me walk you through what that means. What that means is, let’s take something called Democracy in the Park. Democracy in the Park was something set up by Madison Wisconsin, which is you know the biggest liberal enclave maybe in the entire mid-west. And what happened was the clerks in Dane county which is in Madison allowed for volunteers to set up tables for people to either show up early or declare themselves Indefinitely Confined – more on that later – fill out absentee ballots, and then turn them in to volunteer clerks.”

“Let me just read for you something very quick but I’m gonna read for you directly from the Supreme Court opinion and this is what it says:”

“During the Democracy in the Park, during those events, poll workers, also referred to as election inspectors, helped the completion of ballot envelopes, acted as witnesses for voters and collected completed ballots. The poll workers that staffed Democracy in the Park were volunteers. They were not employees of the city of Madison’s clerks office — and here’s what matters, next paragraph, by the Supreme Court — Wisconsin statute requires that when voting an absentee ballot the envelope containing the ballot shall be mailed by the elector or delivered in person to the municipal clerk issuing the ballot or ballots. In addition the plain words of Wisconsin statute specifically direct that the provisions of those statutes quote shall be construed as mandatory.”

“So, what you have here is an entire system of voting that was created by the clerks where people showed up. Volunteers took the ballots. There were no absentee ballot request forms. That’s the first thing I asked: Where’s the absentee ballot request forms. Oh we don’t have any. There were no — in many cases there were no envelopes signed by the elector. Nothing produced. And then they’re put into a drop-box, which is another illegal discussion altogether, mixed in with all the other ballots.

“So, what happened here is that there was absolutely no way, outside of a forensic review or a forensic audit that people talked about, there is actually no way to review whether the ballots that were put in those drop-boxes were ballots that were harvested by people, by the tens of thousands, were actually the ballots that were harvested by the people originally from the supposed people that they were collected from, other than to do so through this kind of audit which has now been authorized and agreed to by the speaker and the president of the state senate in Wisconsin.”

“Additionally two other quick hits. In August, just a few weeks ago, the Wisconsin Election Commission, and you can, if people don’t believe this you can just Google it. They wiped out 200,000 addresses from the database in Wisconsin from the voter roles. The addresses that they now determined were not valid addresses, that were valid addresses in November, which included according to Bob Spindell and others, thousands of dead people, addresses that don’t exist, you know blank lots, places where you find a billboard in downtown Milwaukee which where addresses on the voter roll.

“Last thing, that needs to be looked at in Wisconsin. There were companies that were paying for people to work alongside of municipal clerks and low and behold Steve, they only targeted the top most populated, five most populated, counties in Wisconsin with a volunteer person placed alongside of these clerks — all Democrat counties by the way — whose job it was to collect ballots and increase voter turnout.

“Now, going back to the statutes, and I’ll wrap up because it can get a little boring, going back to the statutes, under Wisconsin law, for people that are following, it is not acceptable under Wisconsin law to vote early other than for one, an absentee ballot request form. Number two, the absentee ballot envelope. And number three, a witness. Number four, the ballot turned in in-person to the municipal clerk. NONE of those things happened in Wisconsin.

– Reince Priebus, Former RNC Chairman, White House Chief of Staff

Reince Priebus Drops the Bomb that Subpoenas Should be Issued Shortly

“If Reince Priebus can be in favor of digging in to what happened in 2020, so can Mo Brooks, right?‘

“First of all, Mike Gablemen, former Supreme Court Justice, is in charge now of the investigation. The Wisconsin legislature, both the state house and state senate, announced that they are going to fully fund the investigation. I think the bill is going to fund about $680,000 that’s to start. In Arizona it was $150,000. They had outside money but there is outside money coming into Wisconsin. They’re indicating they are going to bring in Dr. Shiva as well to help on the forensic audit.

“And there are three buckets of things that they need to look at. Number one, the issue of ballot harvesting. You can’t see if someone harvested three thousand ballots in Kenosha Wisconsin and then brought them to the clerks office. You can’t actually tell whether those ballots were actually the ballots taken from the people that were voting and delivering those ballots to whoever was doing the harvesting.”

“Number two, comparing the voter roles, DOT roles, voter roles, all these other public documents to the actual registration roles to make sure that those 200,000 votes that were wiped out a few weeks ago weren’t the only problems. And then you need to look at those ballots and forensically observe them to see if in fact they were the ballots and they aren’t machine created or anything like that.”

The last thing is this indefinitely confined issue. In Wisconsin we only had about 10-15,000 people that identified as indefinitely confined. These are people that are in nursing homes, they have a lot of problems. They can’t communicate. It’s very limited to people that have a lot of problems. Well, we had tens of thousands of people. 200,000 people that identified as indefinitely confined. Many which didn’t vote with identification. Those ballots without identification can be found. Those ballots need to be looked at and observed, and the only way to do that is by looking at and observing all of the ballots so that you can forensically review whether these issues were as bad as we think they are.

“And that’s what the group in Wisconsin is doing headed by Mike Gablemen. I’m told that subpoenas are going to be issued within the next week or two.

“I’ll leave you with one thing. This is from the Supreme Court in its opinion and Patience Roggensack said ‘A significant portion of the public does not believe that the November 3rd, 2020 presidential election was fairly conducted. Once again four justices on this court can not be bothered with addressing what the statutes require to assure that absentee ballots are lawfully cast.’ That’s right from the Supreme Court opinion. This isn’t crazy talk.”

– Reince Priebus, Former RNC Chairman, White House Chief of Staff

Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Climbs Aboard the Audit Train After Attending President Trump’s Massive Alabama Rally

Assembly GOP Statement on Election Investigation

August 25, 2021

Contact: Speaker Robin Vos – (608) 266-3387

Madison — Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) along with Assembly Republicans released the following statement regarding the election investigation.

“Assembly Republicans have been working with Justice Gableman to conduct a swift, complete and thorough investigation. Part of our discussion has been focused on hiring independent contractors to enhance our efforts. We believe a cyber-forensic audit is necessary to ensure issues did not happen in 2020. We have allocated additional resources to Justice Gableman to ensure this investigation gets to the truth.”

– Robin Vos, Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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