Arsonists Arrested

Alleged Arsonists Arrested for Wild Fires: Cliff Climate & Charlie Change

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Oregon – Leftist Fake News media have exhibited their clairvoyance yet again. They had all repeatedly, in unison, pegged the cause of recent wild fires raging through Oregon and California on Climate Change. Now they’ve been proven correct with the arrest of alleged arsonists: Cliff Climate and Charlie Change! 😉

It’s Not Global Warming: Oregon Officials Announce Arrest of Two More Alleged Arsonists Including Criminal Transient

A man faces accusations he tried to start a fire in the woods near the frisbee golf course at Dexter State Recreation Area on Wednesday. Firefighters responded to the scene and found passersby had quickly put out the fire, the Dexter fire chief said earlier this week.

“The fire was in a wooded area and was approximately 5 feet in diameter before it was extinguished by two people playing frisbee golf in the area,” the sheriff’s office said. “A man in a minivan was seen leaving the area shortly before the fire was discovered.”

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office investigated the fire.

Gateway Pundit

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