Arizona Audit Forensic Examination of Paper Ballot Procedures Explained

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ARIZONA 4/30/21 – Many people who have watched the livestream video of the Maricopa County Arizona Audit have been wondering what the heck they were doing. Well, in order to promote full transparency the Maricopa Arizona Audit has released and posted their full audit procedures in PDF format for public access. So we can now better explain what’s happening in those videos of the forensic paper ballot examination. The above video outlines the steps included in the forensic examination of the paper ballots as further described below.

We have embedded the full PDFs below for easier in-line reading and have included live download links as well. The above tweets are screenshot images rather than Twitter embeds because Twitter tends to keep deleting any tweets about election fraud evidence or discussion, so those tweets will most likely be deleted at some point.

Paper Ballot Forensic Examination Process

12. Paper Examination Process

The purpose of this process it to collect information about the ballot paper, ballot ink and selection marks on the physical ballot during the hand recount process. This should be limited to those things that require the direct examination of the physical ballot and defer examination of those things that could be detected using the scanned ballot images. The process must incorporate considerations for accuracy and speed in examination.

13. Ballot Paper and Ink Inspection Station Process

  1. Batch Weight
    1. When a new batch bag is opened, the PE will use the assigned counting scale to weigh the batch of ballots and record the estimated range of ballots in the batch on the Batch Paper Examiner Log.
    2. The PE will compare the estimated range of ballots to the total number of ballots counted reported on the batch count document.
    3. If the actual number of ballots is outside the expected range, the PE will determine if the whole batch must go to TIER 2 examination. At Tier 2 examination, the out of weight ballots will be identified.
    4. The PE will compare the estimated number of ballots to the total number of ballots counted reported on the batch count document.
  2. Ballot Examination
    1. After box and batch seal procedures have been completed, the ballot examination process begins.
  3. Paper Examiner 1-Full Ballot Image Capture
    1. The batch stack will be placed on the ballot tray. Going in order from top to bottom the PE1 will place the ballot on the alignment guide and press the space bar on the laptop to capture the ballot image.
    2. PE1 will view image on screen to verify image. If clear, move to 3. If unclear, re-image.
    3. PE1 will remove the ballot from the alignment pad and place in the microscope inbox tray.
  4. Paper Examiner 2 – Microscope Camera
    1. PE2 will place the ballot on the LED microscope pad platform.
    2. PE2 will slide the presidential selection scope to the appropriate alignment arrow.
    3. When visually confirmed by PE2, a mouse click will trigger all four microscope cameras to capture images
      1. Corner
      2. Alignment bullseye
      3. Large timing mark
      4. Presidential selection mark
Ballot Alignment
  1. Paper Examiner 3 -Tactile & Light Examination
    1. Examine the physical ballot.
    2. Note any differences or observations about the thickness or feel of the ballot and if necessary, attach thickness designator.
    3. If Election Day Poll vote, note the presence of a visible fold.
    4. If non-Election Day Poll vote, note the absence of visible fold.
    5. Confirm Fold Designator on file name is correct (Designators)
    6. Note any visible differences in the colors or text on the ballot.
    7. Place Ballot under UV-B and UV-A source and compare to representative specimens.
  1. Forensic Examiner
    1. All questionable ballots will be evaluated by the Table Lead Forensic Examiner. If FE determines that the ballot is questionable, the ballot will be removed from the batch and sent for further analysis.
    1. Escalation
      1. Two copies of Chain of Custody form will be printed.
      2. Copy 1 signed by FE and Pod Manager and placed in the batch finished pile where the questionable ballot had been.
      3. Copy 2 signed by FE and Pod Manager and taken to the Tier 2 examination table.
      4. Examiner will sign Chain of Custody, note criteria that prompted Tier 2 on the form and insert into ballot folder.

14. Tier 2 Examination Process

  1. Chain of Custody
  2. Reason for Escalation
  3. Examinations
    1. Microscopic examination
    2. Ballot weight
    3. Thickness
    4. Color & Luminosity
    5. Document Findings
  4. Tier 2 Examiner will copy the CoC document and attach to findings document.
  5. Ballot will be placed in the Examination Table Batch Bag
    1. At the end of each day, Tier 2 Examiners will follow the batch seal process.
    2. All examined ballots for the day will be returned to the RC Corral along with all necessary documentation.

As of today it appears that they have either finished or stopped using the PE3 UV flashlights in light darkening viewing boxes that were previously seen being used in the above video. They are still using the PE1 single mounted ballot imaging cameras and now appear to be imaging both sides of the ballots. They are also using PE2 multiple mounted microscope cameras over an LED backlight pad which can potentially show issues with the paper fibers and/or printed and marking ink. It will be interesting to learn why they stopped using the UV lights, or if they start using them again on other ballot batches.

Forensically Examining Ballots

See our previous post for more in-depth descriptions of the forensic processes. Col. Phil Waldron answers readers’ questions about the Arizona forensic audit and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer gives in-depth interview of the forensic auditing of the paper ballots.

Maricopa County Arizona Audit Public Documents

Counting & Forensic Ballot Examination Procedures


Download Wake TSI Counting Floor Policies PDF

Digital Evidence Handling Procedures


Download CyFIR Digital Evidence Handling Policies PDF

Counting & Evidence Handling Modification Memo


Download CyFIR AZ Audit Evidence Handling Procedure Modification Memo PDF

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President Trump Urges Americans to Watch the Historic Arizona Forensic Audit Livestream as 2.1 Million Ballots are Examined

Maricopa County Forensic Audit Livestream

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America.

Democrats are doing everything they can to stop the great Patriots of Arizona from doing a Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam. If you want to watch these Patriots in action, go to:

– 45th President Donald J. Trump, 4/24/21

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