PA Suit Hits SCOTUS as Arizona & Pennsylvania State Legislators Move to DISPUTE CERTIFICATION Results

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ARIZONA & PENNSYLVANIA 12/04/20 –  After the critical mass hearing in Georgia, the earth shattering hearing in Arizona and the turning point hearing in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, legislators in both PA & AZ move to DECERTIFY their likely fraudulent election results. In the above video AZ State Representative Mark Finchem discusses how Arizona has turned into a FRAUD FREE-FOR-ALL in Steve Bannon’s War Room Ep 560.

ALSO JUST IN: The first election fraud lawsuit hits the Supreme Court of the United States, from PA!

Pennsylvania Election lawsuit has been officially docketed at the US Supreme Court!!! Justice Alito has ordered the state to respond no later than December 9th.

Did Justice Alito set a ‘Safe Harbor’ trap by setting Pennsylvania response deadline a day AFTER?

Again, it’s conspicuous that Justice Alito extended the response date until the day after “Safe Harbor” day. If they wanted to send a signal that the Supreme Court isn’t getting involved, they could have either not accepted the petition or they could have followed standard practices and set the state’s deadline for the 7th or earlier. By delaying it, Justice Alito has given Representative Kelly, his legal team, and others an open door to disregard “Safe Harbor” and press forward with efforts to overturn fraudulent election results.

– by JD Rucker,

Arizona State Legislator Requests Recalling Arizona’s Certification

Pennsylvania State Legislators Call for Congress to Reject PA Electors

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