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UPDATE 12/15/20 – Subpoenas issued for Arizona DOMINION voting machines in Maricopa county.

Subpoenas issued! Finally we will gain visibility into what happened in the Maricopa County election, which affects the entire state because of population concentration.”

Representative Mark Finchem, 54th Legislature, House of Representatives.

SUBPOENAS ISSUED! Forensic Audit to be completed – https://t.co/gxY1KW3JMs pic.twitter.com/7yCpiCH4S3

– Mark Finchem (@MarkFinchem) December 15, 2020

UPDATE 12/14/20 – Today Arizona sent an alternate slate of Trump electors to cast their votes for President Trump. They also launched a DOMINION forensic audit with subpoena power. And AZ GOP appealed their lawsuit to the SCOTUS.

Today, Arizona’s 11 Republican Presidential Electors convened to cast their votes for President @realDonaldTrump and Vice President @mike_pence.

– Kelli Ward, Chairwoman @AZGOP

Arizona Senate Judiciary Chairman E. Farnsworth just announced in committee the authorization for a full forensic audit on Dominion machines and software.

– Leo Biasiucci

#BREAKING: AZ Senate Judiciary Committee issuing subpoenas to review ballots, Dominion machines, and related voting documents out of Maricopa County. @OANN

Chanel Rion OAN@ChanelRion, 5:54 PM · Dec 14, 2020

Outstanding! The likelihood, if done in a similar means, they will discover the exact same patterns discovered in Antrim County MI. @kelliwardaz go get’m@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @DanScavino @tracybeanz https://t.co/C4U6pgIoF0

– General Flynn (@GenFlynn) December 15, 2020

In today’s update, Chairwoman @kelliwardaz announces our appeal to the United States Supreme Court.

UPDATED 12/9/20 – Arizona Supreme Court sided with the lower court and denied Kelli Ward’s motion. They are now considering whether to appeal to SCOTUS and should know tomorrow.

It’s up to SCOTUS to apply the Constitution appropriately.

Arizona Supreme Court Upholds Lower Court Ruling Affirms Joe Biden’s Victory in Arizona https://t.co/UVFjT3G1K5 via @gatewaypundit

– George Pittman (@pittman_george) December 9, 2020

UPDATED 12/8/20 11AM – ARIZONA TOPPLING? Shortly after midnight, hours after the Arizona GOP state legislators held a press conference to attempt to decertify the AZ election, Daniel McCarthy, one of the event speakers, claimed the Arizona Election is now contested by the AZ state legislators. He claimed that he has a signed letter from Arizona state legislators invoking Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution. I saw the tweet when it first went out, so I reported it here.

But as of 11AM I can’t find additional confirmation, other than two stories pointing back to the same tweet.

  • RightJournalism which points back to the original tweet, and to this post here on PatriotBites
  • PopulistPress which points back to the original tweet and to the RightJournalism article

So Mr. McCarthy may have jumped the gun a bit? AZ may still be WOBBLING and not yet toppling?

Vice President Pence @VP, I Daniel McCarthy have a signed letter from Arizona Legislators invoking Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution.

We have a contested outcome in Arizona.

Daniel McCarthy

Not seeing much additional confirmation, so I’d like to see their letter, how many signatures they have, and further details about what they may have done, or may not have done… So, stay tuned!

12:30PM UPDATE – Now the Gateway Pundit is also reporting this… And Daniel responded saying he’ll be on Owen Shroyer’s War Room at 4:30. He hasn’t said how many reps signed it. AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem, who is leading the effort in the AZ state legislature hasn’t tweeted about this, so perhaps Daniel has some signatures but not enough? Or maybe he’s just using this to launch his run for AZ Governor?

We should know soon. Stay tuned…

4:45PM UPDATE – Looks like Mr McCarthy only has 6 signatures, where the official statement has 28? He thinks he has enough, but it looks like he may need many more…

In any case as the hard evidence of this MASSIVE fraud continues to pile up across the nation the dam is buckling hard with cracks across all the battleground states. Now 17 other states join TEXAS to send the CALVARY to SCOTUS.

So, If this turns out to not be the break-point in AZ as Daniel McCarthy claims, then the dam should break somewhere soon. The pressure building from the massive mountain of evidence is giving American Patriot legislators the courage and impetus to stand up against the leftist mob that’s trying to steal this election. The dam is breaking and when it does the flood will wash away the corruption. It’s now a race to see which state will finally break this crumbling dam. Once one falls, they all should fall like cascading dominoes. This stolen election is on the verge of coming crashing down on Biden’s head.

When only legal votes are counted President Trump easily won reelection in a LANDSLIDE!

ARIZONA 12/7/20 – While Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and other key battleground states are wobbling, Arizona started to wobble quite a bit today as well. The above video shows 28 GOP State Representatives giving a press conference calling to decertify Arizona’s likely fraudulent election results. The Arizona Supreme Court agreed to hear a fraud case where 3% of a vote sample proved to be fraudulent. And the FBI raided a house during an investigation into voter data theft where they seized computers, hard drives and a bag of USB sticks.

28 State Representatives Call for Immediate Forensic Audit of Dominion Machines and to Decertify Results

The people will not be denied justice. #StopTheSteaI https://t.co/HXA6JlsW8J

– Mark Finchem (@MarkFinchem) December 8, 2020

“The election should not have been certified with the number of irregularities and allegations of fraud. Especially troubling to me are the allegations surrounding the vendor Dominion. It is imperative that a forensic audit occur immediately of the equipment and software. Upon any showing of fraud the legislature should immediately convene to decertify the vote.”

– House Majority Leader Warren Petersen

Arizona Supreme Court to Hear Voter Fraud Case

A 100 ballot sample found 3% fraudulent ballots. The margin of Biden’s “victory” is only 0.3%. Erase the fraud and Trump took the state by about 3%.

The Arizona Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear an election challenge after an investigation of a 100-ballot sample found that 3% of the ballots were deemed fraudulent of Joe Biden.

The GOP filed a lawsuit in Arizona to audit a sample of 100 ballots to prove there was massive voter fraud.

The Arizona GOP last Wednesday announced the findings from their investigation of 100 duplicate ballots, in which TWO votes were discovered to have been altered and removed from President Trump’s total.

One ballot was changed from Trump to Biden and another ballot was completely taken away from President Trump.

Shared from Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit

FBI Seized Computers, Hard Drives & a Bag of USB Sticks

On the morning of November 5, as the 2020 election hung in the balance, Arizona federal agents raided a two-story house in Fountain Hills, Maricopa County, a county that had become a key battleground in the presidential race. The agents were looking for evidence of a cyberattack on an unnamed organization and stolen voter data. They left with eight hard drives, three computers and a bag of USB sticks. The resident of the property, a 56-year-old IT expert named Elliot Kerwin, was served the warrant.

Thomas Brewster, Forbes
Property to be seized

AZ Hearing “Good old-fashioned mobster racketeering”

“It’s exceedingly hard for me to place a label on what we’ve heard other than racketeering. Good old-fashioned mobster racketeering.”#ArizonaHearing pic.twitter.com/b3ZI59WPW7

– Mark Finchem (@MarkFinchem) December 5, 2020

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