Attorney General Bill Barr Shreds Dems House Judiciary Committee

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July 28, 2020 – Washington D.C. – Attorney General Bill Barr testifies before the Democrat controlled House Judiciary Committee today. After starting about an hour late due to chairmen Nadler being delayed due to a minor car accident the hearing got off to a fiery start. The Dems showed their strategy right from the start. They clearly intended to make speeches and attack the attorney general without allowing him to answer or respond to much of anything. They obviously carefully coordinated their approach because they all used the exact same tactics. Their phrase of the day was “I reclaim my time” which basically meant for AG Barr to shut up. They would all simply make disparaging speeches and baseless attacks on the AG and as soon as he would try to answer or rebut their misinformation they would simply shriek: “I reclaim my time, I recraim my time!“ It was a pretty pitiful performance and exposed the Dem. attacks for what they were, partisan grandstanding. They often came across as unhinged, whiny and delusional. Attorney General Barr came across as incredibly calm, patient and competent, if a little exasperated at times.

“Federal courts are under attack. Since when is it OK to try and burn down a federal court?

If someone went down the street to the Prettyman Court here, that beautiful courthouse we have right at the bottom of the hill, and started breaking windows and firing industrial grade fireworks in to start a fire, throw kerosene balloons in and start fires in the court, IS THAT OK!?? Is that OK, now?

No, the U.S. Marshals have a duty to stop that and defend the courthouse—and that’s what we are doing in Portland. We are at the courthouse defending the courthouse. We’re not out looking for trouble.”

Attorney General William Barr

Ranking Member Jim Jordan Destroys Dems Russiagate Hoax and “Mostly Peaceful Protests”

The ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, Representative Jim Jordan, eviscerated the Dems Russiagate hoax and laid rest to the fake news of their “mostly peaceful protests“ in his opening remarks above. The full unedited hearing is below.

Attorney General Bill Barr – Full Testimony Before House Judiciary Committee

I Watched the Leftists Grill AG Barr, Now I “Get” this Awesome T-Shirt!

If you sat through the entire AG Barr testimony, or ever had an argument with a leftist then you need to get one of these! Let them know that you’ve figured out their tactics! LOL!

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