AZ OFFICIAL SQUATTERS TRY TO COVER UP ELECTION FRAUD EVIDENCE — As AZ Senate Hearings Expose NEW Mounting Election Fraud Evidence, [S]elected AZ Officials Attempt to Persecute Kari Lake and Thwart Election Fraud Lawsuit

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ARIZONA 1/31/23 — In the above video MEGA MAGA Patriot Kari Lake discusses the mounting election fraud evidence in Arizona’s 2022 election with Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room. They also reveal how the [s]elected AZ officials are attempting to persecute her for exposing the election fraud evidence in order to thwart her election fraud lawsuit appeal as they desperately attempt to hold their ill gotten grip on power.

Kari Lake on Bannon’s War Room: Wendy Rogers-Led Election Committee Exposed Arizona’s Election Had “No Signature Verification”

Kari Lake Press Conference Addressing Next Step in Her Election Fraud Lawsuit Appeal

Kurt Olsen Joins Brannon Howse With Updates On Cases In Arizona

Kurt Olsen on The Lindell Report: 25,000 Ballots Showed Up After Election Day In Maricopa County

Kurt Olsen, Kari Lake’s Attorney On SLOG Files And Election Fraud Case Overview

The Absolute Truth Interview With : Patrick Byrne – Former Overstock CEO

Bombshell Revelations Drop in Kari Lake Election Lawsuit on Newsmax

Shelby Busch on Bannon’s War Room: Machines Had 50% Failure Rate On Election Day

Shelby Busch Joins The Lindell Report To Discuss The Presentation She Gave To The AZ Senate

Michele Swinick Joins The Lindell Report With More Updates Out Of Arizona

Full Second Arizona Senate Election Fraud Hearing

Full Shelby Busch Presentation on Election Fraud to Arizona Senate in First Hearing

Machine “Malfunctions” on Maricopa County Election Day 2022

PACKED Kari Lake Election Fraud Rally

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