UPDATE BANNED Independence Day Weekend FL Trump Rally Streamed Live by RSBN & Trump on Rumble

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SARASOTA FL: After President Trump’s previous Trump Rally in OH drew phenomenally massive viewership of 6+ Million viewers on RSBN and other outlets, the leftists freaked out. Afraid that today’s rally will be even more popular and MASSIVE, YouTube has deleted RSBN’s OH Trump Rally video (after RSBN’s video racked up over 5 million viewers) and BANNED and blocked RSBN from live-streaming today’s Independence Day Weekend Sarasota FL Trump Rally on YouTube.

To be honest, I’m not sure why they continue to put up with this BS. It’s high time for all conservatives to CANCEL YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Move to Free-speech platforms that honor American’s First Amendment freedom of speech rather than censoring and propagandizing their users.

So RSBN is streaming it live on their Rumble account instead as seen above. [UPDATE 7/3: Once the event ended RSBN’s livestream moved on to show other content. So we updated the above video with the recorded livestream from President Trump’s Rumble channel which was immediately available. If RSBN posts the event for replay we’ll update the embed above. UPDATE 7/4: RSBN Posted their full Trump Rally video to Rumble so we embedded it above.]

You can watch the livestreams right here. We’ll be adding commentary, other links and sources live as the rally gets underway and is followed by a spectacular Independence Day fireworks display.

So stay right here!

7PM Rumble just notified RSBN that they have officially passed the record for live feed viewers on Rumble with over 100,000 simultaneous live-stream viewers. This is a big milestone for the new Free-speech video platform that will take over as millions of American patriots flee the oppressive censorship of the #BigBrother #SocialistMedia platforms like YouTube.

WOW, It’s Packed… In the Pouring Rain!

7:40PM The sun starts to peek out as President Trump is due to land shortly. The RSBN live-stream is fast approaching 200K (Double the previous Rumble record). President Trump’s Rumble live-stream will also go live once he arrives.

8:20PM RSBN Live-stream blew through 200K AND 300K and is fast approaching 400K before the President even arrives…

Looks like RSB’s live-stream then topped out at just about 396K.

President Trump Observed a Moment of Silence for the Victims of the Building Collapse in Surfside

After arriving to the rally amid wild applause and chants of #USA! President Trump observed a moment of silence for the victims of the building collapse

President Trump also live-streamed his speech on his new Rumble channel as well, which can be seen below. The live-stream on Donald J. Trump’s Rumble channel quickly surpassed 100K, also breaking Rumble’s previous streaming record and topped out at about 116K.

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

President Trump Thanks the MASSIVE Crowd Who Attended his Sarasota Trump Rally

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Watch President Trump’s Historic 2020 Independence Day Speech at Mt. Rushmore

As our country has temporarily stumbled to marxist socialist forces, it is even more important to celebrate our founding principles on this Independence Day. Focus on what makes America the greatest nation on earth as we gather our spirits and work to reclaim our nation, peacefully through the ballot box. In that spirit, here is a reminder of what a great American President is like, as President Trump demonstrated in his Mt Rushmore speech last Independence Day. We were proud to launch this PatriotBites blog on that memorable day one year ago.

President Trump Mount Rushmore Speech
President Trump Delivers Rousing Defense of Our Founding Principles in Mount Rushmore Speech for Independence Day

BIGLY Barnstorming Playlist of MAGA Trump Rallies

As President Trump resumes a new wave of Trump Rallies here’ a HUGE Trump Rally playlist including many live-streams of this rally (in case the one you’re watching goes down) and check out some of the previous massive high energy MAGA Trump Rallies as President Trump barnstorms across the nation again.

MASSIVE Red Wave Rising Playlist of Trump Flotillas

Trump boat parades that spontaneously erupted all summer catch a new wave in support of President Trump as he resumes campaigning since #TheBigSteal.

YUUGE Video Playlist of MAGA Trump Caravans

Trump car parades that began last fall continue in support of President Trump.

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