MASS VAX = MASS DEATH — Bhakdi/Burkhardt Pathology Results Show 93% of People who Died After Vaccination were Likely Killed by Genetic Vaccine Induced Autoimmune Disease

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In the above video Dr. Bhakdi of Doctors for COVID Ethics explains the shocking results of a recent pathology report showing that 93% of 17 people who died after being vaccinated were likely killed by the vaccine. He explains how the genetic vaccines (mRNA and viral-vector) may trigger autoimmune reactions that attack the organs and immune systems of those vaccinated. The more times they are jabbed, the worse the possible genetic vaccine induced autoimmune disease effects.

We must stop this mass vaccination madness before it’s too late, especially before we condemn an entire generation of children to possible autoimmune diseases and death.

On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination

Read the full report by Sucharit Bhakdi, MD and Arne Burkhardt, MD

The vaccines can trigger self-destruction

A natural infection with SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) will in most individuals remain localized to the respiratory tract. In contrast, the vaccines cause cells deep inside our body to express the viral spike protein, which they were never meant to do by nature. Any cell which expresses this foreign antigen will come under attack by the immune system, which will involve both IgG antibodies and cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. This may occur in any organ. We are seeing now that the heart is affected in many young people, leading to myocarditis or even sudden cardiac arrest and death. How and why such tragedies might causally be linked to vaccination has remained a matter of conjecture because scientific evidence has been lacking. This situation has now been rectified.

  • Prior to death, only 4 of the 15 patients had been treated in the ICU for more than 2 days. The majority were never hospitalized and died at home (5), on the street (1), at work (1), in the car (1), or in home-care facilities (1). Therefore, in most cases, therapeutic intervention is unlikely to have significantly influenced the post-mortem findings.
  • Not a single death was brought into any possible association with the vaccination by the coroner or the public prosecutor; this association was only established by our autopsy findings.
  • The initially performed conventional post-mortems also uncovered no obvious hints to a possible role of vaccination, since the macroscopic appearance of the organs was overall unremarkable. In most cases, “rhythmogenic heart failure” was postulated as the cause of death.
Case #GenderAge (years)Vaccine (injections)Time of death after last injection
1female82Moderna (1. and 2.)37 days
2male72Pfizer (1.)31 days
3female95Moderna (1. and 2.)68 days
4female73Pfizer (1.)unknown
5male54Janssen (1.)65 days
6female55Pfizer (1. and 2.)11 days
7male56Pfizer (1. and 2.)8 days
8male80Pfizer (1. and 2.)37 days
9female89Unknown (1. and 2.)6 months
10female81Unknown (1. and 2.)unknown
11male64AstraZeneca (1. and 2.)7 days
12female71Pfizer (1. and 2.)20 days
13male28AstraZeneca (1.), Pfizer (2.)4 weeks
14male78Pfizer (1. and 2.)65 days
15female60Pfizer (1.)23 days


Histopathologic analysis show clear evidence of vaccine-induced autoimmune-like pathology in multiple organs. That myriad adverse events deriving from such auto-attack processes must be expected to very frequently occur in all individuals, particularly following booster injections, is self-evident.

Beyond any doubt, injection of gene-based COVID-19 vaccines places lives under threat of illness and death. We note that both mRNA and vector-based vaccines are represented among these cases, as are all four major manufacturers.

Read the full report by Sucharit Bhakdi, MD and Arne Burkhardt, MD

Dr. Bhakdi’s Genetic Vaccine Warning to the World — Full transcript

Highlighting added.

I want to say first of all. That we must not quibble about details. The facts are on the table and the facts have been presented by Arne Burkhardt a week ago and the facts are damning. All gene based vaccines, independent of manufacturers, produce the same result in the vaccines. He has looked at 15 in the last four days the number has been increased to 17 individuals who died after vaccination without any connection to vaccination being established by the authorities. So, this will be people who died at home, at work, in the car, during their sports, etc., etc., etc.

This is very, very important.

Post-mortems were performed because the relatives insisted on this and nothing was found. So the organs appeared normal. However, when Dr. Arne Burkhardt, professor of pathology, one of the most experienced professors in Germany, who is now pensioned by the way, like me, proceeded to look at these organs over the last six months. He has spent day after day looking at these organs. He discovered something that was so absolutely damning. And absolutely — You know, there’s no question now anymore about what is going on. And the answer is in the organs of these people. In 90 percent he found clear evidence for auto immune cells attack by killing lymphocytes on the tissues. The main ones being the heart, the heart, the lung, and after that other tissues such as liver, etc., etc., etc.

And this has been now posted on the website of the Doctors for COVID Ethics and it is going viral around the world. Because these data are so damning that you don’t have to start looking for other data to know that these vaccines are killing the young and old.

Are killing the young and the old.

And they are killing our children.

And so I don’t know what we are talking about. Look at these pictures. Look at these bullets that have been shot into the people who are being shot. Into the people who are being vaccinated. The children who are — you know, we — we made this video and said, we’re going to say, all right children, stand up against the wall. This is a water pistol and you’re going to be shot with this water pistol and it’s not going to hurt. The water may get into your eyes. They may burn. The eyes may burn, but nothing will happen and you will be protected and you will protect your parents and grandparents. All this BULLSHIT.

So, the children are set up against the wall and they SHOOT. These damn people are shooting and they’re killing our children. I can’t stand it. We have a four year old son and we’re going to flee this country because we’re not going to let himself be SHOT.

Now it is now KNOWN that autoimmune attack reactions leading to self-destruction are being triggered by these vaccines.

Now what Arne Burkhard found was that in 90% of the deceased, aged 28, aged 28, to 90. Women and men. One to one, who were never thought to have been killed because of these vaccines, he found the same pathological findings in all of them. And this proves that the vaccine had killed them.

Now, if the vaccine had killed 90 percent of these people by causing such destruction of the heart via autoimmune reactions which were, we can’t prove this, but the only common denominator was the vaccination with these damn gene based vaccine that caused the production of this damn spike in the tissues. There’s no other reason for them to have died. There is no other reason.

Now, listen very carefully.

Four of these fifteen were only vaccinated once and they died. And what Arne Burkhardt found — I didn’t tell you. Dr. Arne Burkhardt is one of the most experienced pathologists in Europe. And when he says this is so, it is so, and he has pictures that are now documented and can never be destroyed. They are there for everyone in the world to see and view.

When he says that killer lymphocytes have invaded the hearts and the lungs and sometimes other organs of these people. The question arises why the hell do killer lymphocytes invade the organs? And the only answer is that these organs are producing the targets that are seen by these killer lymphocytes, and that target is the viral protein. Because this is how immunology has worked since the beginning of mankind and is still working now.

Now, you politicians and you authorities look at these pictures. Look at these people who have died. These people who have been KILLED, because of YOU.

I can’t stand it. How do we continue talking about this?

The proof is there laid out for the world.

Now, let me tell you the next thing. It is completely clear that the majority of people who are being vaccinated, be it one or two times, after two times of course it gets worse. After three times it gets worse and worse and worse, because your immune system gets more and more aggressive.

Now. The first thing has been that through the first injection, your blood vessels become leaky. They become leaky because the tapestry is being scratched and damaged, as we have been saying for one year now. Then the mRNA leaks into your organs and your heart muscles and your liver and your lungs begin to produce these damn proteins. And then your killer lymphocytes, which everyone has — everyone has these killer lymphocytes — go in and destroy themselves, destroy your heart, your lung, your liver, your blah, blah, blah.

Why don’t you STOP?

Why don’t you force your politicians and your authorities to stop? Why? Why are we talking about them?

Now, the last thing and the I’m finished.

Listen, very carefully.

This is what we’ve been saying for months now, pointing out that these damn vaccines, of course, get to the lymph nodes. Of course, those lymph node cells are going to start producing these damn spikes, and of course, those cells are dead to produce the spikes are going to be killed by the killer lymphocytes that we all have.

What is going to happen??

Your lymphocytes and the cells that are responsible for immune control over your body are dying. They are dying. They are in those poor children that are being vaccinated. They are dying is those poor people, adults from 20 to 90. What happens when these sentinel lymphocytes in your lymph nodes die? They are responsible for controlling, first, viruses that are in your body like Epstein-Barr virus, in German Epstein-Barr virus and infections mononucleosis, that if you can’t control it will explode. Okay? Herpes virus, if you can’t control, it explodes, and you get your shingles.

My God, is this so difficult to understand? Is it so difficult?

But I will tell you something else. There are so many more, damn dangerous infectious agents that are sleeping in the bodies of billions of people around the Earth. The first is tuberculosis. Do you know that I also harbor the tuberculosis bacterium in my body, but I keep it under control by my lymphocytes, in my lymph nodes. If I kill those lymphocytes because they are going to be killed by their brothers and sisters because they dared to express this damn protein, my protection against tuberculosis is going to break down.

There’s another disease called toxoplasmosis, which is abound around the world, especially the Mediterranean. And if toxoplasmosis breaks out, God help you, but God help you if tuberculosis breaks out. Tuberculosis was once the major killer of mankind.

So, months ago, we, the Doctors for COVID Ethics, wrote an essay, which you can look up: Shots and Shingles, what are they telling us? And we wrote in that essay that we feared that, dormant infections with viruses and bacteria like tuberculosis would explode. Now, when would they explode? No one knows. Tuberculosis needs time to explode. These bacteria are very slow.

So, two days ago, I received a mail from my colleagues here in Germany and they said, strange, we have seen a woman with symptoms in her abdomen that we could not explain. We have never seen anything like this and we did not know what she had. She had fever. She had pain. And she was suffering. But after about two weeks, we did offensive diagnostics and we found out that she had tuberculosis reactivation the whole of her abdomen and she’s fighting for her life right now as we talk to each other, because tuberculosis is very difficult to treat, especially if they are multi-resistant, which many are.

Now, I predict, we have predicted this. That because of this damn vaccination there’s going to be an upsurge of tuberculosis worldwide, especially in those countries where the tuberculosis bacterium has been lying dormant in the bodies of these people. And that is India, Africa, all of Asia. Not, unfortunately, among the politicians of Europe who have been vaccinated because they then would see what it takes to die of tuberculosis.

Now, you know, I’m getting very emotional. Because my people, the Thais, are targeted. And the people of India, and I also come from India, are targeted, and I tell you don’t ask about whether it’s short term or middle-term or long-term. Tuberculosis kills you on the long-term basis — as, by the way, do tumors. And you all must know that there’s an explosion of cancer and tumors now among the vaccinated, which no one understands. But it is the same principle. The lymphocytes in your body are responsible for keeping tumor cells under control, and these tumor cells arise every day, every hour in your body. And if you don’t control them, YOU, are going to be the target.

So, stop talking about incidents, about deaths. Start looking for these effects.

Start looking for viruses, Herpes, EBV, CMV that kills children in mother’s wombs. All right? Tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, cancer and I swear to you, you are going to find things that horrify you…

If you do not stop this vaccination madness. That’s what I wanted to say today.

– Dr. Bhakdi

It Was Likely this Tweet to Steve Kirsh’s Bhakdi/Burkhardt Pathology Post on Substack that Prompted the Take Down of Dr. Robert Malone’s Twitter Account

It appears that this may have been the tweet that prompted Big Brother Socialist Media Twitter to take down Dr. Robert Malone’s entire Twitter account. It looks like exposing the pathology results that showed 93% of the deaths after vaccination were likely due to the vaccines themselves, was just too much for the Deep State to allow out.

This is what the tweet looked like as captured by Steve Kirsh shortly before Dr. Malone’s twitter account was permanently suspended.

This is the very last tweet that loads (not the last chronologically) on the last archived snapshot on Wayback Machine before the account was redirected to an account suspended notice. All subsequent snapshots just redirect to the account suspended notice.

The last live snapshot of Dr. Malone’s Twitter account on Wayback Machine: December 29, 2021 12:01:51
Dr. Malone’s archived Twitter account from the last live snapshot on Wayback Machine: December 29, 2021 12:01:51. Dr. Malone had 520K followers on his Twitter account.
Scrolling to the bottom of the last live snapshot of Dr. Malone’s Twitter archive on Wayback Machine: December 29, 2021 12:01:51 shows that the Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results tweet is the last one that appears (last listed, not last chronologically) in the snapshot and the embedded content/link appears to have been removed. All subsequent snapshots redirect to the account suspended notice.

Dr. Malone’s tweet to Steve Kirsh’s Bhakdi/Burkhardt Pathology Article on Substack had begun to go viral with 15K likes and 9.6K retweets before the account was permanently suspended.

Being permanently suspended on Twitter is a badge of honor only given to those Patriots who speak so much truth that the Deep State can no longer afford to allow their voices to be heard. That’s how you know they are the most powerful voices for truth. They pose a direct threat to the Deep State, Big Brother Tech – Socialist Media and Mass Propaganda Media.

Corrupt institutions built on foundations of lies cannot survive if the truth is freely spoken, so they MUST censor the truth as they desperately attempt to retain their power.

Don’t miss our other posts about Dr. Robert Malone, his insights about COVID and his background. You may also now follow Dr. Robert Malone on free-speech platforms including Gab & GTTR.

After Dr. Robert Malone’s Twitter Ban he Went on Joe Rogan’s Podcast for a Three Hour No-Holds-Barred Truth Dump

Big Brother Tech – Socialist Media platforms have been scrubbing Dr. Malone’s three-hour truth fest on Joe Rogan’s podcast faster than it could be posted. So we’ve embedded a mirrored copy from Rumble for reference, just incase it disappears elsewhere.

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