BIDEN HARRIS Built Back Better Making the Taliban better than before, with more of Afghanistan than they had before 9/11.

UPDATE: BIDEN/HARRIS — “Built Back Better” Making the Taliban Better than Before with More of Afghanistan than They had Before 9/11

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KABUL — Today the Biden/Harris regime made good on their campaign slogan and key promise – “Build Back Better.” They handed all of Afghanistan over to the Taliban. In so doing they have built back better the Taliban who now control 100% of Afghanistan. They only had 70% of the country when we first invaded 20 years ago. Biden also handed them 11 former US military bases along with tons of weapons, ammunition, heavy vehicles and light attack aircraft including $6 Million Blackhawk helicopters.

Taliban “Built Back Better” than when we first invaded.

After Biden announced that he had built back better the Taliban he gave a big smile with two thumbs up and said “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” before sucking on his thumbs.

And just what was Biden doing during the Fall of Kabul to the Taliban? The White House released a photo. 😉

White House Releases Photo of Biden Working on Foreign Policy Plan as Kabul Falls to Taliban
[NOTE: The above story and images are satire/parody based on recent events resulting from Biden’s collapse of Kabul.]

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