Biden’s FAKE Election Win is Rapidly Unraveling Revealing Trump LANDSLIDE

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Yesterday we saw the first strikes of the KRAKEN as Sidney Powell filed suit in both Georgia and Michigan. A succession of coordinated attacks starting with Rudy Giuliani in the Gettysburg hearing, multiple attacks by Sidney Powell, attacks by Lin Wood, along with those from other groups of Deplorables including the Amistad Project and Voter Integrity Project, should unleash a chain reaction that rapidly unravels this Democrat election fraud coup attempt.

The end result of unraveling this allegedly rigged election should reveal that President Trump won his reelection in a LANDSLIDE!

The Definitive Case Proving Donald Trump Won the Election

The tighter the Fake News media and their big tech social media minions furiously attempt to suppress the truth about the massive alleged election fraud, the more truth will slip through their grip. American patriots around the country have been poring over the results of this stolen election and have produced a virtual geyser of alleged election fraud evidence. The weight of this flood of evidence will eventually wash away all the lies and deceit and likely reveal that President Trump won his reelection in a LANDSLIDE!

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“If Joe Biden taking the lead in Michigan and Wisconsin was the moment the dynamic of the Presidential race changed, this may be the moment the dynamic changes again.

A thorough and damning new analysis just published calls the legitimacy of this critical period into question and shows just how completely ridiculous and far-fetched the core of Joe Biden’s comeback really was in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. It flags four individual vote dumps critical to Joe Biden’s “victory” in these states and shows, convincingly, that their ratios of Biden votes to Trump votes were profoundly anomalous when compared to other dumps in those states and virtually every other vote dump across the country.

The report is written in dry and academic language, filled with graphs, footnotes, and various hedges, but its implications could not be more obvious. Indeed, if the authors were less tepid, they might have fairly titled it:

Joe Biden’s Victory Was Not Legitimate. And Now We Can Prove it.

Because that’s exactly what the report does.  It looks at election data and shows what many would expect: the states and cities that had the most suspicious circumstances on election night and into the next day are precisely where the analysis flags extreme anomalies.

Summary and Background of the Report

It starts out with the background on Michigan and Wisconsin — the famous “vote spikes” that were plainly ridiculous and fundamentally changed both the electoral reality and the narrative. The report reminds us of the infamous vote spikes in Michigan and Wisconsin.”

President Donald J. Trump is the legitimate winner of this election. Republican state legislators in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia must refuse to seat electors for Joe Biden until a complete forensic audit has been conducted.

Never give up.  Never back down.  And never concede.

– Read the full article at Revolver

There is ZERO chance Creepy Joe won this election… 5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms

— Michael Flynn Jr mflynnJR Thursday, November 26, 2020

Sidney Powell aka The KRAKEN is Unleashed to Take Down the Allegedly Rigged Election Coup Attempt

In the above shared video Leigh Dundas discusses some of the dramatic developments over the past few days. Some of her thoughts on Sidney Powell and the Trump campaign following two separate lines of attack mirror what I had described in a previous post: Trump Campaign UNLEASHES the KRAKEN which IS Sidney Powell. That post also includes the NewsMax interview she references along with a few other recent interviews as well as a couple of Steve Bannon interviews that follow similar lines.

If Anyone Can Right Such an Egregious Wrong its Trump’s Dream Team

President Trump has assembled a Dream Team of patriot lawyers to defend America from this latest third coup attempt after the failed Russiagate and Ukraingate attempts. Along with an army of Deplorable citizen American Patriots they should be able to overcome this latest coup attempt to save America from the leftist marxists attempting to overthrow it.

Shared from The Gateway Pundit

The team fighting for the survival of this great nation are the right people for the job.  President Trump’s ‘Dream Team’ will go down in history as the small group of individuals who saved our nation.

The Democrats, the Deep State, Big Media, Big Tech and foreign entities are trying to destroy America and remove President Trump from office illegally.  Unfortunate for them the President’s ‘Dream Team’ is standing in their way.

Rudy Giuliani, Joe DiGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing, Jay Sekulow, Jenna Ellis, in Wood and Sidney Powell (aka The Kraken)

The greatest team of attorneys in US history are gathered together along with investigators and analysts in an effort to stop the Deep State and communist takeover of America.  This group will go down in history for saving the union from the greatest fraud in US history.

– Read the full story with attorney profiles at The Gateway Pundit

This Stolen Election is NOT Over CNN Contemplated State Legislatures Appointing Electors

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