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BOOKMARK & SHARE this page for future reference as we will be assembling much more information about the progress of each state pushing to expose the truth about the 2020 stolen election. We’ll update the status as the forensic audits barrel across the country from AZ to NH, PA, GA, MI, WI, NV, VA and beyond. Hang on tight, this Trump Train is gonna be a bumpy ride!

When only LEGAL votes are counted, It looks like President Trump WON in a LANDSLIDE!

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Current Status of States with Most Fraud Detected in 2020 Stolen Election

The following table shows the current status of the various states with the most fraud detected as the truth about the 2020 stolen election is being revealed. For each state the table shows the electoral votes, the margin of “victory”, the amount of alleged fraud, expressed as the number times the margin of victory, and the current status of the state. Click the current status to read more and click the state name to go to that state’s page for much more information about that state’s current and archived election fraud information.
 StateEVMoVFraudCurrent Status
AZArizona110.31%24xEPIC: Vernon Jones In Arizona – Only THREE Pallets Remain to be Counted – Officials Expecting HUGE Ballot Discrepancies
NHNew Hampshire47.35%1xForensic audit determines voting machines count folds as Democrat votes. Same machines used throughout state.
GAGeorgia160.24%51xJudge Uncovers Massive Fraud In Fulton County Ballots…Ruby Going Down!
PAPennsylvania201.16%12xPennsylvania next to challenge election
MIMichigan162.78%3xMatt DePerno Unleashes TwitStorm in Michigan that Should Decertify Antrim County Results, SOS Should Resign or be Impeached, MI Officials Scramble!
WIWisconsin100.63%27xWisconsin takes a close look at election integrity
NVNevada62.39%7xNevada Republican Party Chair, Michael McDonald, a former LEO, Is Impressed with Security and Transparency in Arizona Audit
VAVirginia1310.11%1xArizona State Senator Wendy Rogers Will Escort Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase at the AZ Audit Center

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