CAUGHT: How the Swamp Tried to Steal the 2020 Election STOP DROP & ROLL

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The Gateway Pundit put together a great little video that explains exactly how the left allegedly attempted to steal the 2020 presidential election for Sleepy Joe Biden. Once they realized that Trump was running away with a landslide victory, they STOPPED the counting in key battleground states. Then they DROPPED in thousands of allegedly bogus votes for Biden. Then they allegedly fixed a winning margin into the rest of the vote batches to ROLL out a win for Biden. Unfortunately for them, Trump was so far ahead of Biden and heading for a LANDSLIDE victory, that they apparently had to resort to rigging much more of the election than they had planned for. Such MASSIVE alleged fraud leaves tell-tale signs in the statistical data that was easy to find. Now they are caught!

Sidney Powell is hot on their trail and expects to overturn multiple allegedly fraudulent state elections.

Pop some popcorn. Sit back, and watch the fireworks as multiple states attempt to certify their allegedly fraudulent votes, which will all wind up in the Supreme Court. If Trump’s team succeeds in getting many of the allegedly fraudulent votes thrown out Trump should win in a LANDSLIDE of 318 OR MORE! Stay Tuned!

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