Citizens Push Back Against Radical Leftist Agenda with Back the Blue & Trump 2 Rallies

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Citizens push back against the radical leftist Democrat agenda with local Back the Blue & Trump 2 events. This one was a resounding success & fun too! The silent majority is standing up and speaking out to defend our police, our president and our country! Citizens are rising up in towns and cities across the nation to push back against the radical leftist Democrat agenda attempting to defund our police and agitate racial riots. This is our country and we will stand to defend it.

The Democrats think that stoking racial riots leading up to this election will help them. Ever wonder why they always spark up every 2 years? Well, they are sorely mistaken as the silent majority rises up and makes their voices heard. The left has likely kicked a hornets nest that could result in a landslide for President Trump’s re-election.

Trump Supporters Likely SMASH World Record with 3,000+ Boat Parade

A boat parade honoring President Donald Trump over the Fourth of July weekend in South Carolina may have broken the world record, with thousands of vessels taking part.

The “Trump Boat Parade” was held at Lake Murray on Sunday. Organizers originally thought around 1,500 boats would take part in the event, which was a display of support for the president.

More than 2,700 people said they would be attending the event on its Facebook page, with nearly 5,000 more expressing a possible interest.

The organizers have now claimed that as many as 3,400 boats took part in the 20-mile parade.

“According to the 3rd party company whose expertise is counting people and things from the air, we had a record shattering 3,417 boats and over 30,000 people participating in the ‘Trumptilla,'” Pressley Stutts, one of the parade’s organizers, wrote on Facebook.


Vice President Mike Pence To Speak At Back The Blue Rally In Philadelphia

Crowds Gather for Back the Blue NC rally in Raleigh

Back the Blue Rally Held in Palm City

Thousands show Support for Law Enforcement at Back the Blue Rally in Omaha

Back the Blue Rally in Nebraska

Back the Blue rally held in Bloomfield Township

Hoosiers Back the Blue Rally Downtown

Back the Blue Rally Held in Jensen Beach

Back the Blue Rally Held in West Knoxville

USA: Pro-police Back the Blue Rally at Brooklyn park

Back the Blue Rally Held in Downtown SLC

USA: Hundreds march in support of police in Fredericksburg

Demonstrators in Winston-Salem hold Back the Blue rally

‘Back the Blue’ rally in downtown Rockford draws hundreds of police supporters

Back the Blue rally held in Buda

‘Back the Blue’ mural painted outside Tampa police headquarters

Back the Blue and Military Rally

Back the Blue Rally Springfield, Mo

‘We Back The Blue’ Rally Held In Towson

Blue Lives Matter rally pushes through Black Live Matters counter-protest

USA: Hundreds rally in support of police in Port Jefferson

RALLY: Back the Blue supporters rally against proposed legislation

Back the Blue Rally held in Tucson

Group sets out to thank police with ‘Back the Blue’ rally in downtown Raleigh

Back the Blue Rally in KC

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