CNN Chanting Death to America but Seem Friendly

CNN Comes Roaring Back with “Chanting ‘Death to America’ But Seem Friendly” Report After Fox News Attempted to Take 2021 Fake News Media Awards

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KABUL AFGHANISTAN – This year’s Fake News Media Awards competition is heating up with a tough new entry from CNN. Fox News had entered the tough competition with their “Deadly but mostly peaceful little kid’s joy ride” report earlier this year. But now CNN comes roaring back with a new report from Kabul. As Kabul and Afghanistan collapses back to the dark ages under the murderous Taliban terrorists, CNN is there to report their best fake news yet. In their most recent entry they reported that the Taliban were just ”Chanting ‘Death to America’ but Seem Friendly.’

In a subsequent report the same reporter noted that the Taliban terrorists who ”seem friendly” attempted to pistol whip her cameraman. They then chased her after telling her to cover her face. We wonder if CNN will report that these Taliban terrorists still ”seem friendly” once they inevitably begin raping, stoning and beheading women and others? We’re sure that will fit right in with CNN’s #MeToo agenda.

Taliban Turn Out to be a Little TOO FRIENDLY for Reporter Who FLEES AFGHANISTAN

UPDATE 8/21/21 — Well, that “just chanting ‘Death to America’ but seem friendly” reporter has now realized that those Taliban terrorists that she gushed over just may turn out to be a little TOO FRIENDLY, and has fled Afghanistan.

Guess Don Jr. was right. Her report aged pretty poorly.

Earlier this Year Fox News Made a Run at the Fake News Media Award with their “Deadly But Mostly Peaceful Little Kid’s Joy Ride” Entry

Juan Williams of Fox News attempted to take the Fake News Media Award this year with his ”Deadly but Mostly Peaceful Little Kid’s Joy Ride” report on The Five.

Fox News Deadly but Mostly Peaceful Joy Ride Fake News

Last Year’s Fake News Media Award Winner was CNN with their Brilliant “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful…” BLM Riot Chyrons

Last year CNN proved to be the best of Fake News Media with their well deserved Fake News Media Award! They won the Grand Con Award with masterful new BLM/ANTIFA chyron series that left their competition in the ashes. Most run of the mill Fake News Media had reported the BLM/ANTIFA riots with the standard “Peaceful Protests” moniker. So CNN out did them with their series of “FIERY, but Mostly Peaceful…” chyrons.

Check out their whole award-winning Fake New series.

CNN Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Church Prayer Service

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