COL. SMITH DROPS SHOCKING EVIDENCE OF NATIONAL SECURITY COMPROMISES — Colonel Shawn Smith’s Expert Declaration Showing US Elections Critically Vulnerable in Support of First Preliminary Injunction to Ban Election Machines in Arizona

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ARIZONA — In the above video Mike Lindell Attorney Kurt Olsen joins Brannon Howse on Brannon Howse Live to discuss the latest sworn expert declarations and supporting evidence for the Motion for a Preliminary Injunction to Prohibit the Use of Electronic Voting Machines in Upcoming Arizona Elections.

“Given my background, experience, education, and training, and now my exposure to and understanding of the technology employed in U.S. election systems, my conclusion is that U.S. elections are critically vulnerable to exploitation by foreign adversaries through supply chain compromise of our computerized election systems.”

— Col. Shawn A. Smith, Declaration Supporting Preliminary Injunction to Ban Election Machines

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Colonel Shawn Smith Discusses his Expert Declaration and Supporting Evidence to Ban Electronic Voting Machines in AZ

In the above video Colonel Shawn Smith joins Brannon Howse on Brannon Howse Live to discuss his expert declaration filing. The declaration exposes the Chinese Ministry of State’s Attack and compromise of America’s electronic voting systems and wider computer technology supply chain. In the below Lindell Report video Col. Smith recaps his declaration discussion with Brannon and goes on to discuss the appendix.

Expert Declaration of Shawn A. Smith

Download the Expert Declaration of Shawn A. Smith


Original Document: First Preliminary Injunction Filed in AZ

Download the 55 page Preliminary Injunction filing in AZ.


Follow the Current Status of the Case on Court Listener

You can follow the current status and all document filings in the case, Lake v. Hobbs, on Court Listener

Sign the Petition to Ban Electronic Voting Machines

Sign Mike Lindell’s petition to ban electronic voting machines in your county and return to local hand counted ballots.

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