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UPDATE: Counting Every Legal Vote Trump Wins in a MASSIVE LANDSLIDE

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UPDATE: LLinWood and Sidney Powell shed light on the magnitude of the alleged election theft and the incredible LANDSLIDE that President Trump actually WON.


UPDATE: There’s now enough alleged fraud detected in Virginia to flip that to Trump as well, giving him a landslide 318-220 WIN!

The Fake News Media of the Democrat-Media Complex are ignoring the flood of election fraud reports and the social media Tech Giants are actively censoring, suppressing, banning and blocking such reports. Now there is a new website that has been set up to vet and compile many of the rampant reports of alleged voter fraud and election fraud in the 2020 election. The new website, EveryLegalVote.com, has great primers on election fraud that describes the many different types of fraud so far detected in this election including everything from dead people voting to insider digital vote count manipulation.

The site estimates that if every legal vote is counted and fraudulent votes are removed, President Trump easily wins reelection with 307 electoral votes to Biden’s 231.

The next 30 days should prove very interesting as the flood of evidence of alleged election fraud in key swing states works its way through the courts. Stay tuned!

Every Legal Vote Election Fraud Primer

Portion Shared from Every Legal Vote Primer

Stopping the Count

It is NOT normal to stop counting the ballots in the middle of a count. The evidentiary chain is broken (what if someone sneaks a pile of fraud ballots in at 3:30AM). In every presidential election in the US until 2020, counts were never stopped until they completed. Stopping the Count is used in countries under dictatorship, such as Thailand, to give time to generate ballots to ‘save’ the election for the preferred candidate.

Mail-in Ballots

It is well established that this form of voting is the easiest way to defraud a candidate. However, this form of voting also allows the best way to discover fraud occurring using math. Ballots received by mail are thoroughly mixed because they are randomly sent and received. The Democrat vs Republican ratio in each batch of ballots should be very uniform across a region or a state. We dig deep into this here, where we show that many states, including Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Maine, and all show signs of ballot tampering and injections of Democrat ballots after the initial in-person votes have been counted. Virginia particularly shows a complete flip in the ratios from the first counts to the final batches, which is impossible if indeed the mail-in ballots were untampered. Dirty work was afoot in these states and to achieve these results would require knowledge up and down the ladder of election officials.

No Witnesses Allowed

Whenever one side tries to prevent the other side from watching ballots being opened or counted, it is a red flag. That side has something to hide. Fraud is the only thing that would be hidden from the opponent’s team in an election count. Democrat operatives prevented Republicans from observing the count in PA, GA, WI, MI, AZ, and NV. These are also the states that Trump was ahead on election night, but has supposedly lost in 4AM ballot ‘dumps’. As Attorney Robert Barnes wrote: “If there was nothing to hide, why hide ballot processing from observers?”

Read more at Every Legal Vote Primer

Every Legal Vote Election Fraud PHD Primer

Portion Shared from Every Legal Vote PHD Primer.

Ballot Percentages

Throughout the tallying process, statistics can be used to show whether a dramatic shift has occurred in the processed ballots. For example, if a candidate is getting 60% of the votes each hour, but then suddenly he gets 0% for the next 5 hours, it is very likely someone is manipulating the count.

When it comes to absentee ballots, in this election the conventional wisdom was that absentee ballots trended to Biden, while in-person voting was expected to trend Trump.

However, absentee ballots should all arrive in a well-mixed state at each precinct, meaning that ratios will be established that should hold true for the entire series of batches for each state.

Yet in 5 states (WI, MI, PA, GA, and VA) the ballot reporting data shows shifts – all uniformly in the direction of Biden, some extremely significant step changes that completely flip the D/R ratio of ballots being processed. Here are some graphs prepared using the NY Times Edison data source, which has all the national ballot counting time series. See ‘Resources’ for the link to the CSV data and the script that generates these graphs. The first two graphs establish the standard data charts you should see. In these charts, the Y axis represents the ratio of D to R ballots in a reporting batch, the X axis represents the time the batch was reported or the batch sequence number.

Here you see that as ballots begin to be reported, at first the Republican vs Democrat ratio is all over the map, as the in-person ballots are being recorded across the state. Some cities are heavily Republican, some heavily Democrat. Once the in-persons are completed, then the mail-ins are input. That generates the steady slightly-trending R line for the remainder of the time series. The line is quite consistent because mail in votes are thoroughly mixed. They are not in batches of R or D, but are mixed by how they were received in the mail. The drift to R is due to the fact that rural voters tend to be Republican, and their mail-in votes take longer to reach the processing centers.

Note, these charts cannot show if there were fraudulent mail-in votes per se. But they show if the ballots being reported are truly mixed the way they should be in a real-life situation. For most states in the 2020 election, the charts look like Florida and Minnesota.

But when the stable ratios of D and R ballots disappear later in the reporting, particularly if the reporting trends back to the D, this is an anomaly.

Here is the WIsconsin vote counting history log. At 4:00 am, that notorious witching hour this election, there is a marked shift in the ratio. Thereafter, no reported batches ever return to the trend, and the last of the posted batches are even more heavily D.

It’s even more visible in a batch number report, which shows the steady trend right up until the last 30 or so batches, whereupon there is a significant jump towards Biden.

What happened at this time? Luckily, we have a video.

Matt Smith of WISN12 News, Milwaukee, was on site to record 169,000+ absentee ballots from Milwaukee being shipped at 3:06AM to the county election officials. SO, if these ballots were truly received absentee ballots, just like the rest of the counties in WI, the trend should have continued. But instead, after the ballots arrived, suddenly heavily Biden ballot batches began reporting. Is it possible that the Stop the Count occurred the night of November 3 so that in Milwaukee, they could insert a set of fraudulent ballots that added up to the amount that Trump was ahead when they Stopped the Count? What else would cause the received absentee ballots to be delayed 6.5 hours? The post office was not delivering these ballots in the middle of the night, and that would have disqualified them at any rate since they were required to be postmarked on the 3rd.

If this set of absentee ballots from Wisconsin had come in with the same mix of voters as the rest of Wisconsin, Trump would have remained the winner in Wisconsin. As it was, when the Count was Stopped on election night, Trump was at 51.1%. And note the trend in the “vote history”. Democrats were losing 7 points a year from 2008 to 2016. Going from +1 to +4 as the results stood on election night would fit with that trend.

But after the 4am absentee ballot fix arrived…

Clearly those ballots were very heavily weighted to Biden, as the graph also shows. These 169,000 ballots were not sampled from the real Wisconsin voter population. They were not randomized with the other ballots. They have a different D to R signature.

Read MUCH more at Every Legal Vote PHD Primer.

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