UPDATE: LIVE NFL HEART ATTACK GIVES COVID VAX INJURY DENIERS A SERIOUS WAKE UP CALL ABOUT #SDS SUDDEN DEATH SHOTS — Dr. Peter McCullough Discusses Recent Study on the Explosion of Healthy Young Athletes Suffering COVID Vaccine Induced Myocarditis Cardiac Arrest

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In the above video, world renowned cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, joins One America News Network to review the results of his recent study about COVID Vaccine induced myocarditis causing an explosion of cardiac arrests in healthy young athletes and how it may relate to the recent heart attack suffered by Damar Hamlin on Monday Night Football. We all hope and pray for Damar Hamlin’s complete recovery.

For more information on #SDS, Sudden Death Shots, see our previous posts about the recent documentary Died Suddenly and our posts on Senator Ron Johnson’s COVID Vaccine Injury expert panel discussions.

“We had all the data from the European sports teams. Before the COVID Vaccines, the number of rates of cardiac arrest — and there’s way more athletes there than in the NFL — is 29 per year. That number has shot up to 1598, from 2021 – 2022, over that time period. 1101 of them are fatal. So, about 66% are fatal.

Fortunately Hamlin’s case was not fatal, but his cardiac arrest looked very similar to the soccer players. Usually after a big play, and they’re just at that early recovery period, after a play, and they suffer a very similar cardiac arrest.

We now know, autopsy studies have concluded that COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Myocarditis does lead to Sudden Death.

95% of the NFL is Fully Vaccinated. NFL took money from HHS and the White House, COVID community core money. So the NFL, very prominently was pushing the government objective on the Mass Vaccination and now I think the league, the doctors, the patient’s family, they have an obligation to tell America if he took a vaccine. We know his teammate Cole Beasley didn’t, but every day that goes by, there’s silence, there’s concern he took the vaccine.”

— Dr. Peter McCullogh on One America News Network

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Interpreting Damar Hamlin’s Sudden Collapse

“I watched the play live both as a fan and a cardiologist and I saw blunt neck and chest trauma, a brief recovery after the tackle and then a classic cardiac arrest. I have communicated to one of the most experienced trainers in the world and we agree that it was a cardiac arrest in the setting of a big surge of adrenalin. If Damar Hamlin indeed took one of the COVID-19 vaccines, then subclinical vaccine-induced myocarditis must be considered in the differential diagnosis. We have been told he was successfully defibrillated on the field and has been intubated and is not spontaneously breathing which is consistent with anoxic encephalopathy. The nation prays for his complete recovery.”

— Dr. Peter McCullough’s Substack

“Sudden cardiac death risk in contact sports increased by myocarditis: a case series”

“This report describes the case of two high-performance athletes [rugby players] suffering a non-penetrating blunt chest trauma associated with the occurrence of LTVA due to a chronic sequela of myocarditis. In contrast to the classically described commotio cordis, these two episodes of ventricular arrhythmias were associated with underlying myocardial scarring.”

“Myocarditis may increase the risk of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias caused by blunt impact to the chest, particularly in contact sports. Screening and prevention measures should be considered to reduce this risk.”

– Dr. Peter McCullough’s Substack

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