Dr. Robert Malone & Dr. Naomi Wolf Discuss Project Veritas Recent Revelation of Hidden DOD Documents Exposing the Truth About the Wuhan Coronavirus Origin, Gain of Function Experiments & Early Treatment Suppression

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1/11/22 — In the above video Dr. Naomi Wolf and Dr. Robert Malone discusses the latest explosive revelations by Project Veritas, on Bannon’s War Room Episode 1,552. Project Veritas revealed previously hidden DOD documents detailing the origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus, dangerous gain of function experiments and the suppression of early treatments. If these documents prove to be true, this could be the beginning of the end of Tony Fauci’s reign of bioterror.

“If these documents are verified, then this is truly a smoking gun of historic proportions. This is a bombshell.”

“If the Senate flips [Senator Ron Johnson] is going to be in charge of the investigation subcommittee and we’re going to get to the bottom of this. This is the official statement he’s allowing me to read from Senator Ron Johnson, direct. ‘I have been investigating all the issues related to coronavirus and federal agencies involvement in funding of gain of function and other dangerous research, as well as our response to COVID. I’ve sent dozens of oversight letters and my investigation is ongoing.’ That’s the official statement. Rest assured, his office and his investigative team is on the issue of these documents and their veracity.”

“What we have here is the disclosure of a coordinated propaganda attack on the American population and the world. The implications of this are enormous.”

– Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Technology Inventor

The fact that Dr. Fauci grossly perjured himself is hugely apparent but it’s the least of the crimes that, if indeed these are verified documents, are being revealed, as Dr. Malone said. And, I can’t overstate this. This is a premeditated kind of manslaughter of millions of people, coordinated at the highest levels, according to these documents, in which treatments that would have saved lives and were intentionally, or apparently intentionally suppressed. And I’m going to restate, the whistleblower warning in August of twenty one, as Dr. Malone said, before millions of people needlessly were injured that the spike protein in the SARS-COV2 is the same as the spike protein in the vaccines that the Department of Defense said was too dangerous to engage with even as an experiment.

“The fact that these documents were allowed to be leaked, right? They’re so explosive and the fact that the spokesperson of DOD is sort of saying; ‘Gee, I don’t know. That’s unusual.’ To me it says that there’s a civil war going on at basically the highest levels. I go back to there’s a coup. A coup has happened and it’s not completely successful. And God bless men and women at the senior levels of our military, some Patriots are allowing this to unfold, to reach the public. Some Patriots are allowing it to happen because they are not on board with what is clearly a coup harming the American People, deceiving the American People, and killing the American People in some cases.”

— Dr. Naomi Wolf

“Naomi, I am completely with you and this is a core message. There are good people in our Government. There are exceptionally good people in our military. When you read the language that this, Major, I mean Major is not [unintelligible]. This Major has used here, he is speaking plainly, as many in my experience in the military do. There is widespread discomfort with what has happened here and we are seeing good members of our DOD and members of the civil service, members of our government, stepping out and starting to disclose what’s going on here because their consciouses will not allow them to not speak. This is, this looks like something that is gonna snowball.”

“I’ve had a GS14 at DARPA, that I’ve known for years, disclose to me that the branch of DARPA that does threat mitigation is still funding the Wuhan laboratory.”

– Dr. Robert Malone

“Oh my God. So, Dr. Malone, I just want to say, I know how courageous you are in stating that and I know how courageous Major Murphy is in his incredibly clear letter that everyone watching this should read.”

“Everyone’s got to read these documents. Don’t go through third parties.”

“What I’m witnessing is historic, a global crime, and brave men and women stepping into the breach, at great risk to themselves, to bring the truth to the American People and to protect the American People, which is what they’re supposed to do. God bless them.”

— Dr. Naomi Wolf

The implications here exceed those of The Pentagon Papers. This is enormous. I take no comfort again in being completely validated that the statements that I’ve made historically going back to the Brett Weinstein podcast, that I’ve been thoroughly attacked about by the Associated Press, concerning spike protein are directly validated here. Beyond the immediate implications, we have evidence of collusion by all of the major media in this storyline. They have actively — we — what this reveals is the depth of the corruption in the system that I’ve been speaking about, Steve has been speaking about, Peter Navarro’s been speaking about, you’ve been speaking out Naomi, and it is with no satisfaction that I say this completely vindicates and validates us, soup to nuts, if it is demonstrated to be not a false flag operation, but for sure, I think we owe a huge — if this is verified — Major Joseph Murphy, needs to go down in the history books as one of the Great Patriots.

– Dr. Robert Malone

Project Veritas Reveals Hidden DOD Documents Exposing the Truth About Wuhan Coronavirus Origin, Gain of Function & Early Treatment Suppression

The above video is the original disclosure by Project Veritas of the newly released hidden DOD documents that blow the lid off the pandemic coverup.

Dr. Robert Malone Full Interview Discussing Project Veritas Revelations

In the above video Dr. Robert Malone discusses whether the Project Veritas DOD documents are the smoking gun proving everything he’s been saying, or a too-good-to-be-true (not that the situation is good itself of course) false flag to attempt to discredit Project Veritas. Time will tell whether the documents are authentic or not.

One America News Reports on the Explosive Project Veritas Revelations

In the above video one of the few remaining honest media outlets, One America News, reports about the explosive Project Veritas revelations.

GOP Senators Light up Failed Fauci Over Project Veritas Revelations in Capitol Hill Hearing Today

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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