UPDATE: TIME TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP ELON — Dr. Shiva Challenges Elon Musk to “Put up or Shut Up” and Shut Down the Secret Special Government Censorship Twitter Portal that “Circumvents” the First Amendment that Dr. Shiva Exposed

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In the above video Dr. Shiva challenges Elon Musk to “Put Up or Shut Up.” Elon Musk has been making a big show of turning Twitter toward “Free Speech” with his release of the Twitter Files, but he appears to only be talking half steps toward Free Speech by just revealing the small tip of the iceberg. We know that the FBI was involved in contacting social media on a weekly basis leading up to the 2020 election. We haven’t seen all of those communications.

Twitter also apparently still has the secret government censorship portal open where the government can direct the censorship of US Citizens. This portal allows the government to circumvent the First Amendment by not directly censoring Citizens, which is unconstitutional, but instead, by going through the intermediary of Big Brother Tech Twitter (and apparently other similarly compliant social media platforms). Dr. Shiva had discovered this secret special portal in his lawsuit where the Massachusetts Secretary of State contacted Twitter to shut him down when he exposed alleged election fraud in his 2020 Massachusetts Senate primary campaign.

Secret Government Censorship Portal with Twitter Discovered by Dr. Shiva

In the above video Dr. Shiva asks Elon Musk the following questions:

  1. Why DID the Portal Not get SHUTDOWN on DAY 1 with Viajaya Gadde’s Firing?
  2. Given Twitter is beholden to Government for their Platform Valuation (higher than a publisher like the NY Times) via Section 230, is this why you have the Portal going, for you and your investors, in Silicon Valley (quid pro quo) who now want to be on the Pseudo Free Speech band-wagon?
  3. Are you ever going to shutdown the portal and GET REAL, and stop selling your soul?
  4. Are you waiting for Lindsey Graham and Elizabeth Warren to retroactively legalize this ILLEGAL CENSORSHIP when Twitter went “…beyond the law?”

Other Organizations are Now Also Exposing the Secret Special Government Twitter Portal to Circumvent & Destroy the First Amendment

UPDATE: The Secret Special Government Twitter Portal is also surfacing in other litigation. In addition to suppressing and censoring political speech of opponents, the portal was also apparently used for the Government to suppress and censor any truth about the Wuhan Coronavirus or the dangers of the COVID Vaccines.

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