20x MARGIN OF “VICTORY” — Dr. Shiva Publishes Scientific Report Revealing Over 200,000 Mail-in Ballots in Maricopa County with Signature Mismatches

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2/23/22 Dr. Shiva, the inventor of eMail who holds multiple advanced degrees from MIT, who has previously dropped numerous bombshells about election fraud has now published a groundbreaking new scientific study of signature verification in the 2020 election in Arizona. The study, accepted to two scientific symposia, shows there were over 200,000 mail-in ballots in Maricopa County AZ alone with serious signature mismatches. That’s over 20x the supposed margin of “victory” in one county alone, showing the the election in Arizona should have never been certified. In the above video Dr. Shiva joins Brannon Howse on Lindell TV’s Brannon Howse Live to discuss the explosive results of his latest scientific research on the Maricopa County 2020 Mail-in ballot signature mismatches.

Dr. Shiva’s ESII Signature Verification Final Report Pilot Study

Download Dr. Shiva’s ESII Signature Verification Final Report Pilot Study


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