UPDATE: GAETZ – “THIS WHOLE THING WAS AN OP!” TRUMP WAS RIGHT: CRIME OF THE CENTURY! THIS WAS A COUP! TREASON!!! — Durham Effectively Confirms #RussiaGate was the First Attempted Coup Launched by Hillary and Obama’s Deep State to Spy on and Thwart the Trump Administration with Absolutely No Basis in Fact

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In the above video President Trump discusses the Treasonous crimes committed against him by the FBI as exposed in the Durham report with Rob Schmitt on Newsmax. Now Jack Smith and Biden’s DOJ is still trying to “Get Trump.” They have learned nothing from the Durham report, but We The People know better.

They ALL lied. The radical marxist democrats lied. The radical marxist FBI lied. The radical marxist “Intelligence” agencies lied. The radical marxist #MPM Mass Propaganda Media lied. They ALL lied. But, President Donald J. Trump was telling the Truth all along, #Russiagate was a total hoax and political witch hunt. Now the final 300 page Durham Report proves it with a total exoneration of President Trump and condemnation of the corrupt democrats and FBI. The radical marxist deep state has been trying to get rid of Trump since 2016 any corrupt way they could because they know, if allowed, he’ll take down their entire corrupt cabal. Each and every crooked attempt to “Get Trump” simply makes him stronger. It makes the MAGA Patriots support him even more than they did before, because it proves he is single handedly exposing the bottomless cesspool of corruption known as the Deep State.

These latest disclosures are in addition to those in our earlier post about the preliminary Durham Report from 2022.

“I would tell you that It’s a great vindication and it feels good and the report has been wildly praised. I wish it could have come faster but the detail that he went into, 308 pages, the detail is extraordinary. And, all of these people — I guess you could call it Treason. You could call it a lot of different things, but, this should never be allowed to happen in our country again.”

President Donald J. Trump

“Well it’s a shame. It is a total violation of every rule and principle you can have. It’s total dishonesty and more than anything else it affected the 2020 election, much more so than the 2016 election. This affected the 2020 presidential election just like stuffing the ballot boxes or any of the other things that took place. This is a disgrace and they should do something about it and that includes whatever you have to do about the presidential election. This is a rigging, another element of rigging the presidential election far more than stuffing the ballot boxes because it affected more than you could ever stuff.”

President Donald J. Trump with John Soloman via Stinchfield/Newsmax

Dan Bongino — “It was a COUP! And they’ll do it again.”

“Mr. President we got the report yesterday. Everything you said was correct. This is one of those #DonaldTrumpWasRightAgain moments. Ah, sir, you were framed. You were framed. They had no evidence of any of this from the start. Your thoughts on that.”

Dan Bongino

“They thought they were gonna lose and we were indeed framed.

It really affected 2020 much more because we went through years of nonsense with Russia, Russia, Russia. I didn’t even know what they were talking about. People would come up to me ‘Sir, do you know anything about Russia?’ And after a while I’d say what’s going on with Russia? It was a frame up.

— Donald J. Trump

It was a coup. Say it. It was a coup. IT WAS A COUP! And they’ll do it again.

“Durham does a six million dollar report, yesterday quote: ‘Neither US law enforcement nor the intelligence community appears to have possessed ANY,’ ANY. That word’s doing a lot of work here folks. ‘appears to have possessed any actual evidence of collusion in their holdings at commencement of the investigation.’ In other words they started an investigation over NOTHING. They’ve got nothing. They never had anything. THIS WAS A COUP.

Dan Bongino

Stew Peters Goes Ballistic — FBI CAUGHT In Presidential COUP Plot

We now have 300 pages, 300 pages, of cold hard proof of what the FBI really is. In its current form, what it is, is a Terrorist organization. These people, the FBI, launched a Fake politically motivated investigation of Donald Trump, based on literally zero evidence at all. We now have 300 pages of cold hard proof, evidence, proving, inarguably, indefensible. The FBI sustained that investigation with lies and with confirmation bias, and deception, and stupidity, in collaboration with a willing media, a bought and paid for Criminal media. The FBI has thoroughly discredited itself. And, yeah, it’s sad that Durham didn’t ship a bunch of them off to prison.

We have an out of control FBI, a criminal enterprise, and that’s not just because of the Russia Hoax. No, the FBI also colluded in censoring Americans on Twitter. Highly illegal, a violation of every single American’s constitutional rights. Colluding with the government, colluding with social media, social media becoming an arm of the government. The FBI coordinated that. It took part in labeling the Hunter Biden Laptop as fake, Russian disinformation, in order to usher in a Marxist Coup, erasing evidence to prop up a Fake President that was hiding in his basement. The FBI did that. The FBI is conducting a sustained national purge of January 6th defendants, from an incident that they helped coordinate and set up. It’s targeting Pro-Life activists and parents protesting against poisonous Critical Race Theory and pedophilic trans propaganda in their school. The FBI is doing that. The FBI generates fake scholarships claiming that white supremacy is the chief threat to American stability. The fix is to stop treating the FBI as some sacred elite law enforcement organization. To start treating them as a Terrorist organization and to abolish the FBI and to arrest its agents. To say the least they’ve lost our trust and its not worth having an untrustworthy national police force running around this country. Uproot and abolish the FBI and start over.

Stew Peters

Tim Pool — Democrats PANIC As Durham Report PROVES Soft Coup Against Trump, Media Tries To COVER IT UP

The problem is, at the highest levels, the FBI is weaponized and was weaponized against Donald Trump, in what can only be described as a soft coup. Now of course there’s plausible deniability. They’ll say: Oh we never did anything criminal. They know how to play the game.”

Tim Pool / TimCast

Devin Nunes on Newsmax: Durham Report documents ‘biggest scandal in American history,’ what the hell was Bob Mueller doing?

“The day Mueller walked in the door, he knew there was no evidence. So, there are so many people that are culpable here, and maybe the congress can – this can be part of the weaponization process. But, this is the biggest scandal in American history, that we are still living with today because it hasn’t ended.

Devin Nunes

Russiagate: The Scandal That Became Business As Usual for the Democratic Party, the FBI, CIA, and major news outlets

Special Counsel John Durham may have issued his final report last month, but the Russiagate scandal is far from over. This is not because there is no more to learn about the years-long effort by the Democratic Party, the FBI, CIA, and major news outlets to advance the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump teamed with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election.

Rather it’s because Russiagate never ended. Unlike political scandals of the past – from the XYZ Affair to Watergate and Iran-Contra – it is not a discrete set of events with a beginning, middle, and end. Instead, it has become a form of governing in which the entrenched forces of the Washington bureaucracy punish their enemies, protect their friends and interfere in elections with impunity.

A continuous thread connects the schemes to deny the results of the 2016 election, to cover up the Biden family’s influence-peddling schemes during the 2020 election, and the ongoing effort to tar President Biden’s opponents as extremists or racists.

J Peder Zane via Real Clear Wire via Zerohedge

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper Begrudgingly Admits the Durham Report Exonerates President Trump and Devastates the Corrupt FBI

Matt Gaetz Rips Into John Durham: “You Won’t Tell Us Who Gave the Orders Because You’re Protecting Those People!” “This Whole Thing was an Op!”

Matt Gaetz revealed his highly informed opinion/conclusions of Durham’s #RussiaGate ‘investigation’ at the end of the Durham testimony. Durham was officially tasked with getting to the bottom of the #RussiaGate attempted coup. He basically confirmed all the dirty details that were already known about the Obama/Hillary coup attempt, but he let EVERYONE responsible off the hook. So, it looks like Durham’s REAL function was as the Mop Up Man, Controlled Opposition giving a Limited Hangout to Cool the Mark (We the People) to coverup and protect those who were responsible.

Gaetz: Mr. Durham, was that what you were doing…Was finding out who Mifsud was what you were doing?

Durham: We pursued that avenue, yes.

Gaetz: Right, but was he — this whole thing was an op, Mr. Durham. This wasn’t like a bumbling, fumbling FBI that, like, couldn’t get FISA straight. They ran an op. So who put Mifsud in play? You don’t know, do you?

Durham: I do not know that — I can’t give you the answer to that.

Gaetz: For years — you had years to find out the answer to what Mr. Jordan said was this seminal question, and you don’t have it. And it just it just begs the question whether or not you were really trying to find that out? Because it’s one thing to criticize the FBI for their FISA violations, to write a report — they’ve been criticized in plenty of reports. Some have referred to your work as just a re-packaging and regurgitation of what the inspector general already told us. So, if you if you weren’t going to do what Mr. Jordan said you were gonna do in that video, and give us the basis for all of it, what’s this all been about?

Durham: I’m not exactly sure the import of your question. If your question is did we try to locate and interview Mr. Mifsud, the answer is yes. We expended —

Gaetz: Why didn’t you subpoena him? Why didn’t you subpoena him to a grand jury…Why didn’t you send him a grand jury subpoena?

— Matt Gaetz & John Durham, House Judiciary Committee via Red State

LIVE: John Durham Congressional Full Testimony!

The Final Durham Report:

DOWNLOAD The Durham Report PDF


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