BOOOM! EARTHQUAKE IN ARIZONA: CRUMBLING ELECTION FRAUD DAM IS LOUDLY CREAKING — Election Fraud Deniers have Rude Awakening as Kari Lake, whose Pronouns Are “I WON,” Announces her Election Fraud Lawsuit GOES TO TRIAL – “They Messed with the Wrong Bitch!”

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12/20/22 ELECTION FRAUD GROUND ZERO, MARICOPA COUNTY ARIZONA — In the above video MEGA MAGA Patriot Kari Lake announces to the packed America Fest crowd that her election fraud lawsuit is going to trial. Now that the damn “standing” dam has been broken, that was used to dismiss ALL the 2020 Election Fraud lawsuits without examining their merits, they can’t stop her. If this case succeeds, it will break the Election Fraud Denial Dam wide open and start toppling dominoes going right back to the stolen 2020 election.

Kari, You Go Girl!

For more on Kari Lake’s massive election fraud lawsuit, see our previous post with all the details about the ground breaking 70 page lawsuit.

“Hey guys, Christmas came early yesterday.

Whoo! We are going to trial!

This is so historic, and you know what? I couldn’t have done it without you. A little over a day ago, I stood here on this stage and I said please pray, not just for me. Pray for our attorneys. Pray for our witnesses. Pray for the judge. My goodness.

You did it, and yesterday we got great news. We’re taking these bastards to trial.

“This is serious stuff, what’s going on here guys. We have a chance to show the world that our elections are truly corrupt and we won’t take it anymore.

— Kari Lake at Turning Point’s America Fest

Kari Lake Vows to Fight Against “Botched, Stolen, Sham Elections” on Bannon’s War Room at Am Fest

We have Overwhelming Evidence. I know that your audience is aware of it. We have four whistleblowers. We have evidence showing hundreds of thousands of ballots that have No Chain of Custody. 25,000 ballots that just miraculously appeared two days after the election. We have three whistleblowers talking about the Signature Verification of mail-in ballots and how terrible that system was. The fact that tens of thousands of ballots with bad signatures somehow made their way into the official count and never got cured. So, there’s so much evidence here, one of our cyber experts says it shouldn’t have happened. This is not accidental. This was not coincidental. This had to happen with malicious intent behind it.”

“How do I walk away from the good people of Arizona? If I don’t stand up and fight our Botched, Stolen, Sham Elections, they don’t have a chance.”

— Kari Lake on War Room

Kari Lake Lawsuit MOTION TO DISMISS DENIED, Lawsuit Moves To Trial!

Kari Lake Burns Down the House at Turning Point USA’s America Fest

“We won. We did win, you’re right. Big!”

I want to force those jerks, in the mainstream media, to witness what we’re seeing here tonight. This is massive. This is so big. Blow them a kiss everybody, because their days are numbered. Wave. Go ahead, wave. All of you being here tonight, this massive room filled, is proof that their propaganda doesn’t work anymore. Right?”

“They’re so powerless that they have to outright Steal Elections. Steal ’em.

“We are ground zero for botched, Sham Elections.”

“These people are Crooks. They need to be Locked Up.”

“I Identify As A Proud Election Denying Deplorable And My Pronouns Are I Won”

— Kari Lake at Turning Point US America Fest

Kari Lake Vows to Keep Fighting!

Wendy Rogers Discusses Kari Lake Lawsuit And Ben Toma’s “Very Troubling” Connection To Runbeck

Kari Lake Reacts To Katie Hobbs Colluding With Big Tech To Censor Her Voters – Tucker Carlson

Kari Lake Vows to Fight Election Results at Mar-a-Lago “They Messed with the Wrong Bitch”

“These Evil Bastards… To watch them Steal this in broad daylight, and if they think they’re gonna get away with it, they messed with the wrong Bitch.

— Kari Lake at Mar-a-Lago

Kari Lake’s Lawsuit Moves Forward With Emergency Hearing

Kari Lake Makes a Critical Update on Her Fight to Save Arizona

‘Most Credible Case’ Ever Filed: Tom Renz Breaks Down Everything That Went Wrong With Arizona’s Election

Dinesh D’Souza Unpacks Kari Lake’s Election Lawsuit in Arizona

Kari Lake Discusses Stolen Election Lawsuit And Tomorrow’s Historic Trial With TGP

UPDATE: Watch Kari Lake Election Fraud Lawsuit LIVE

Arizona 2022 Election Fraud Cases

For more details about the Kari Lake lawsuit, see our previous post about the AZ Election Fraud lawsuit which includes a full PDF of the 70 page lawsuit.

There are also three additional 2022 AZ Election Fraud lawsuits in various stages. Some have been dismissed and in the process of being appealed.

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