EXPLOSIVE United States Senate Committee on Homeland Security Hearing on 2020 Election Fraud

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12/16/20 – ICYMI The US Senate hearing on 2020 election fraud was absolutely explosive! I didn’t have a chance to blog about it at the time, but I’ve added it now for any who may have missed it. Some of the testimony was well worth the time to watch. Especially the powerful testimony about all the election fraud, that the Fake News and their Big Tech social media minions says doesn’t exist, and actively suppresses any videos about it. YouTube has even removed some of the videos from this US Senate hearing. The above video is cued to Senator Ron Johnson’s opening statement. Below are some cued segments of key highlights from the hearing followed by the full video of the entire hearing as it was live streamed, for anyone who has the time to watch the whole thing.

Judge Kenneth Starr’s Historical Opening Statement on Election Integrity and Mail-in Ballots

I want to close just by a reminder that in history there was in fact a campaign, an illicit campaign, to deprive Abraham Lincoln of the presidency and that was through the use of mail-in ballots. So I think in the spirit of the Carter/Baker commission it’s wise for us to listen to the warning that they had with respect to mail-in ballots to pause and reflect on how we can in fact better assure that bedrock factor and feature of Integrity in the election process.

– Judge Kenneth Starr

Attorney and Former Wisconsin Judge James Troupis’ Powerful Opening Statement Exposing WI Election Fraud

“Three million people properly voted in the state of Wisconsin. More than 200,000 identified during this recount, did not. But those votes got counted. And our statute says, they should not have been. That in our view is a taint on our election in Wisconsin.”

— Attorney and former Wisconsin Judge James Troupis

Pennsylvania State Representative Francis Ryan’s Opening Statement Detailing PA Election Fraud

“The mail-in ballot system for the general election in 2020 in Pennsylvania was so fraught with inconsistencies and irregularities that the reliability of the mail-in votes in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is almost impossible to rely upon. ”

— Pennsylvania State Representative Francis Ryan

Attorney Jesse Binnal’s Devastating Opening Statement Outlining Election Fraud in Nevada

“This year, thousands upon thousands of Nevada voters had their voices cancelled out by election fraud and invalid ballots.”

“These findings are disturbing, alarming and unacceptable in a free Society. Our free and fair election tradition is a precious treasure that we are charged with protecting. Government by the consent of the governed is hard to win and easy to lose. Every single time a fraudulent or illegal vote is cast the vote of an honest citizen is canceled out.”

– Attorney Jesse Binnal

Fireworks Explode as Senator Ron Johnson Calls out Democrat Senator Peters Over Russian Dissinformation Lies

“You lied repeatedly in the press that I was spreading Russian dissinformation and that was an outright lie and I told you to stop lying and you continued to do it!”

– Senator Ron Johnson to Democrat Senator Peters

Senator Rand Paul Statement on the Stolen Election

“We can’t just say it didn’t happen. We can’t just say oh 4,000 people voted in Nevada who were non-citizens and we’re just going to ignore it. We’re going to sweep it under the rug and say oh the courts decided the facts. The courts did not decide the facts. The courts never looked at the facts. The courts don’t like elections. They stayed out of it by finding an excuse – standing or otherwise – to stay out of it. But the fraud happened. The election in many ways was stolen.”

– Senator Rand Paul

Watch the Full Hearing on Right Side Broadcasting

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