FACT CHECK: BIDEN Called Troops Stupid Bastards on Tape – MOSTLY TRUE!

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Sleepy Joe had told many lies during the first presidential debate, including repeating the Charlottesville Lie that Trump said white supremacists were “Fine people.” During one of the many heated exchanges in the slug-fest was the gem above. Since the moderator was only giving Biden softball questions while hammering President Trump with recent Fake News attacks, President Trump struck back and started asking his own questions to Sleepy Joe directly. He called out the recent Fake News attacks that said he had disparaged the troops and pointed out that Sleepy Joe had called the troops “Stupid Bastards” on tape. Sleepy Joe claimed “I did not say that. Play it, play it.”

SO, OK Joe, let’s play it. 😉 Not only did he call them “stupid bastards” but he also called them “dull” and “slow” in what appears to be joking that fell flat. The guy in fatigues behind him looks like he wants to slug him! And best of all he said this after first saying “I have incredibly good judgement.” LOL!

Here’s the video, as we had previously posted

Looks like the Fake News Media owes President Trump an apology! Now watch for the week long stories about how Joe Biden was the one who really disparaged the troops… don’t hold your breath! LOL!

I have incredibly good judgement.

One. I married Jill.

And two I appointed Johnson to the academy. I just want you to know that.

Clap for that you stupid bastards. Come on man.

Man you all a dull bunch. Must be slow here man.

Former VP Joe Biden in March 2016

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