UPDATE: MAGIC BALLOT DROPS: PICK A BALLOT, ANY BALLOT — First Video Release of One of Up to 240 Alleged Illegal Ballot Harvesters in Georgia Proudly Proving His Ballot Drop with Photo

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GEORGIA 1/29/22 — In the above clip, from ballot drop box surveillance video, an alleged ballot harvester is clearly seen walking up to one of many mail-in ballot boxes, fanning out what looks like a dozen or more ballots, taking a picture of the ballots and the ballot box, and then dumping the ballots into the ballot box. This appears to be a clear case of ballot harvesting on video. Ballot harvesting is ILLEGAL in Georgia.

One of those ballot harvesters came forward as a whistleblower and is now cooperating with investigators. The whistleblower told investigators he was paid $10 per ballot and made $45,000 to harvest 4,500 ballots between November 3rd and the runoff election. He said that was an average payout. Based on reviewing surveillance video and cell phone ping data True the Vote has estimated there were up to 240 such ballot harvesters. So, doing the math shows over $10M was allegedly paid to harvest over 1M ballots in Georgia alone. This ballot trafficking ring however was allegedly operating in multiple battleground states.

The whistleblower said that they had to take pictures of their ballots to get paid.


Video appears to show illegal ballot harvester in Gwinnett County on Oct 12, 2020! He fans out ballots, takes a photo, & places them in the dropbox. It’s been reported that illegal ballot harvesters were paid $10 per ballot, & had to show proof. @RealAmVoice

— Heather Mullins, Real America’s Voice

Save America President Donald J. Trump

— February 5th, 2022 —

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

The ballot harvesting scam will go down as the biggest political scandal in history. It is totally determinative, and the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop the news from coming out. Republicans must be strong and unified in order to save our Country!

— President Donald J. Trump

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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