UPDATE: CO ELECTION FRAUD EARTHQUAKE VINDICATES TRUMP — Full Forensic Database Analysis of CO Patriot Tina Peters’ Dominion Machine Forensic Image PROVES Electronic MANIPULATION and DELETION of Votes, Effectively Invalidating 2020 CO Election

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MESA COUNTY COLORADO, 3/22/22 — Mike Lindell, Steve Bannon, Tina Peters and the millions of MAGA Patriots who doggedly fought to investigate and expose the truth about the stolen 2020 election have now been TOTALLY VINDICATED. Maliciously persecuted Mesa County CO Election Clerk Tina Peters today released the third CO election fraud report as broken by Mike Lindell on this morning’s War Room with Steve Bannon. This completes the forensic examination of the full forensic data image of a Mesa County Colorado Dominion election machine. Tina Peters took forensic images of the Dominion machine both before and after being wiped by the CO Secretary of State and Dominion. The report PROVES, once and for all, that the vote tabulation was stopped about 1/4 of the way through tabulating. Then a new vote tabulation database was created and only a portion of counted votes were copied over to the new database, effectively deleting many existing votes that had already been counted in the initial database. This manipulation completely obliterated any possibly chain of custody and effectively invalidates the election on that machine. If similar manipulation occurred on many of the other election machines, as appears to be the case by how desperately the leftists are attempting to hide them, then the entire 2020 election is effectively invalidated.

It now becomes clear why Dominion went state to state after the election and systematically wiped out all the voting machines by installing their “Trusted Build.” This process overwrote all the 2020 vote tabulation databases and system logs, effectively deleting all the digital evidence. This also appears to be why the CO Secretary of State persecuted Mesa County CO Election Clerk, Tina Peters, for making the forensic images in the first place. This is also most likely why the CO Senate recently proposed a new law, Senate Bill 153, making it a crime for any county election clerk to expose such corruption in the future. Such moves appear to be part of a massive coverup of systemic election fraud and a way to enable such fraud to continue in future elections.

But now they have been caught with electronically manipulated vote tabulation databases.

American Patriot Mesa County CO Election Clerk Tina Peters — Manipulated Databases, Deleted Votes & Erased Logs

In the above video American Patriot Mesa County CO Election Clerk Tina Peters discusses the definitive proof of manipulated databases, deleted votes and erased system logs.

Six Months of Forensic Examination Confirms Voting Machine Manipulation, Deleted Votes and Logs

In the above video computer expert Jeff O’Donnell explains the six months of work that went into analyzing the forensic images of the Dominion voting machine in CO.

Tina Peters, Jefferson Davis, Sherronna Bishop and Col Shawn Smith Discuss the Explosive Forensic Report on Lindell TV

Trump Spokesman Liz Harrington Joins Emerald Robinson in Lindell TV to Discuss the Latest Revelations in CO

In the above video President Trump’s spokesman Lis Harrington joins Emerald Robinson on Lindell TV’s The Absolute Truth. They discuss the latest bombshell election fraud proof in CO and more.

READ THE PROOF — Mesa County Colorado Voting Systems Forensic Examination and Analysis Reports I-III

Mike Lindell has made all three Colorado Election Fraud Reports available on FrankSpeech.com.

Download Report #3: Proof of Election Machine Manipulation — 3/19/22 — 87 Pages

Read Report #3 & download the forensic image on FrankSpeech


Download Report #2: Proof of Election Machines Designed to Cheat — 2/28/22 — 146 Pages

Read Report #2 on FrankSpeech


Download Report # 1: Proof of Election Machine Coverup — 9/2021 — 85 Pages

Read Report #1 on FrankSpeech


Mike Lindell Announces Rollout of Filings for Preliminary Injunctions from State-to-State to Ban Election Machines

As if that wasn’t enough, Mike Lindell also made a big announcement on Bannon’s War Room today. He announced that he will begin rolling out filings for preliminary injunctions to ban these election machines from state-to-state across the country.

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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