UPDATE GEORGIA BREAKING WIDE OPEN Garland Favorito Press Conference Reveals Blatant Intentional Election Fraud

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GEORGIA 7/13/21 – Georgia and Pennsylvania are running neck and neck to see which will be the second domino to fall after Arizona. Garland Favorito, of Voter GA, gave Steve Bannon the latest details on Bannon’s War Room Ep. 1092. We’ve heard ad nauseam that many hand recounts and “audits” have already been performed in the battleground states that have confirmed the results of the election. Well Garland Favorito took a closer look at the hand recount “audit” that took place in Fulton County on November 14th-15th.

What he found was ASTOUNDING!

Garland’s team examined the actual scanned ballot images and compared them to the tally sheets that were filled out during the hand recount “audit.” There was more than a 60% error rate. The Federal Election Commission only allows a 0.0008% error rate. They found many batches where the “auditors” filled out the batch tally sheet as being 100, 150, or 200 for Biden and 0 for Trump when in reality the batches were more like 59/42. There were also cases where the exact same ballots where scanned multiple times

Proof of Intentional Election Fraud

  • 60% error rate (Less than 0.0008% allowable by the Federal Election Commission)
  • Blatant tally sheet falsifications
  • Ballots scanned multiple times
  • Multiple ballot batches with exact same vote count breakdowns
  • 4,255 extra votes counted
  • 5,000 ballots without chain of custody documentation

Multiple tally sheets were fraudulently marked 100, 150, or 200 for Biden and 0 for Trump where the actual ballots in the batches were more like 59/42.
Many ballots were scanned multiple times as clearly seen by exactly matching markings in the ballot images.
Many batches of ballots had the exact same vote count breakdowns that are statistically improbable.

Because this was a limited hand recount audit, this is likely blatant, intentional election fraud. This was all approved and posted on the Secretary of State’s website. This audit was used to certify the election results. So they were likely aware of this and either complicit in the alleged fraud or grossly negligent.

But what would you expect when the same likely corrupt people were allowed to “audit” their own potentially fraudulent “election?” THAT is why it is imperative to have the state legislature conduct independent audits to get to the truth of what went down in the 2020 election.

Todd Wood of Creative Destructive Media Discusses the Proven Election Fraud in GA

Petitioners in a lawsuit organized by VoterGA to inspect Fulton County ballots have added stunning claims in their amended complaint and provided new evidence from recently released public records that show Fulton County’s hand count audit of the November 2020 election was riddled with massive errors and provable fraud.

The claims are based on a VoterGA data team’s analysis of Fulton’s November 2020 mail-in ballot images in comparison with the published results of the hand count audit that was conducted on November 14th and 15th. The Images became public after Petitioners won a court order on April 13th and VoterGA lobbying efforts led the Georgia General Assembly to make all images public under Open Records Requests beginning March 25th. After studying the images, the data team can now prove they don’t match audit results. In many cases, images appear to be correct but the audit results are riddled with errors or fraud.

– Read the full story at Creative Destructive Media

Garland Favorito Joins Pete Santilli to Discuss the Latest Hard Evidence of Election Fraud in GA

Heather Mullins Discusses the Evidence from Garland’s Press Conference with Dr. Gina

Favorito Returns to the War Room to Give Further Details About the Election Fraud He Has Uncovered

Bannon’s Advice to Raffensperger: “Lawyer Up!” Mike Lindell’s Advice: “Turn yourselves in.”

Garland Favorito Discusses the Results with Natalie Harp on OAN

After Overwhelming Proof of Fraud Tucker Carlson of FoxNews Finally Reports on the Election Fraud

President Trump “We Will Lose Our Country if this is Allowed to Stand.”

Save America President Donald J. Trump

– July 14, 2021 –

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the
United States of America

The news coming out of Georgia is beyond incredible. The hand recount in Fulton County was a total fraud! They stuffed the ballot box — and got caught. We will lose our Country if this is allowed to stand.

According to the just released report from Garland Favorito and the highly respected Voter GA, in Fulton County the hand recount was wrong by 60%: 100,000 tally sheets for ballots were missing; they duplicated thousands of extra votes for Joe Biden; and fabricated vote counts of 100-0 for Biden, many times! Ballot batch sheets fraudulently showed multiple unanimous 100-0 counts for Biden, as well as 150-0, and 200-0. Are we now in a Third World country? What else will they find once the full Forensic Audit takes place?

This means Brad Raffensperger certified the 2020 Presidential Election scam despite it being “riddled with massive errors and provable fraud.” This proves what Suzi Voyles, who worked Fulton elections for decades, suspected, that fraudulent photocopied ballots were counted for Biden. This is on top of the 35,000 illegal votes recently found in Georgia, and over 100,000 obsolete voter registrations, plus thousands of dead people, deleted AFTER the election.

Will the Attorney General of Georgia Chris Carr finally act? How has Governor Brian Kemp allowed this to happen?

This is corruption at the highest level. Our Nation is at stake!

– Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Voter GA Explosive Press Release Revealing Proven Audit Fraud and Massive Errors

Download the press release.


Garland Favorito’s GA Amended Complaint

Download the amended complaint.


Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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