GEORGIA WOBBLES GA Senate Judiciary Committee Calls for Full Ballot Audit & Rescinding Election Certification

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12/22/20 – While the state legislators in Pennsylvania and Arizona have been pushing to decertify their likely fraudulent election certifications it looks like we can now add Georgia to that list. More evidence of alleged fraud continues to accumulate and build pressure on the state legislatures in contested states to decertify their likely fraudulent certifications.

The Chairman of the GA Election Law Subcommittee of the Standing Senate Judiciary Committee submitted a 15 page report on election fraud for the record. The report details much of the evidence of Georgia voter fraud and election fraud and enters it into the official Georgia legislative record. The report then calls for a full audit of the ballots and DOMINION voting machines to ensure only legal votes are counted. It further calls to decertify Georgia’s Biden electors and instead to certify the alternate Trump electors.

In the above video Steve Bannon discusses this move by the Georgia State Senators with Rudy Giuliani and others on Bannon’s War Room Ep 602. As outlined by Peter Navarro the alleged rampant election fraud spans at least six states so when one falls they all fall.

G. Forensic Audits of Ballots and Machines

The Legislature must determine if ballot marking devices (BMDs) have been manipulated to provide a fraudulent result and without regard to whether the forensic audits can actually identify the manipulation of votes and the authenticity of the ballots that are in the ballot boxes, either generated by the BMDs or those that are absentee ballots.

Independent third-party auditors should review the fiducials on all ballots types (absentee, military, machine generated), audit the absentee ballot results from the last election, confirm the number of external envelopes in each county, and the number of ballots for each county.

Such audits should help ensure that phantom ballots and other fraudulent ballots are not counted in election results, and that legal votes are the only votes counted.

H. For Rectifying the 2020 General Election Results

The Legislature should carefully consider its obligations under the U.S. Constitution. If a majority of the General Assembly concurs with the findings of this report, the certification of the Election should be rescinded and the General Assembly should act to determine the proper Electors to be certified to the Electoral College in the 2020 presidential race. Since time is of the essence, the Chairman and Senators who concur with this report recommend that the leadership of the General Assembly and the Governor immediately convene to allow further consideration by the entire General Assembly.

This bombshell could start Georgia wobbling along with the others. If one falls they may all come cascading down like dominoes as this likely fraudulent election comes crashing down.

The report is currently informational, for the official record, and would need to be voted on in a special session to propel any actions or changes.

This Report by the Subcommittee Chair has not been formally approved by the Subcommittee or the standing Judiciary Committee. It is submitted for informational purposes to be a part of the record at the request of the Judiciary Chair. It is a summary of testimony given in person and by affidavit. For more information, please refer to the video record of the hearing and the affidavits submitted.


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