Heroes Stand, Even if they Must Stand Alone – Jonathan Isaac Stands Alone

Heroes Stand, Even if they Must Stand Alone – Jonathan Isaac Stands Alone

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It takes no courage to follow the crowd and bend with the wind. It takes great courage to think for yourself and stand for your convictions. Cowards kneel in submission. Heroes stand against the wind. Even if they must stand alone. Congratulations to Jonathan Isaac for being a hero among sheep in the NBA.

Jonathan Isaac was the only player to stand for the National Anthem before the Orlando Magic played the Brooklyn Nets. All other players and coaches knelt.

“I don’t really see it as religion for myself. I see it as a relationship with God,” Isaac said. “I don’t think that kneeling or putting on a t-shirt, for me personally, is the answer. For me, Black lives are supported through the Gospel. All lives are supported through the Gospel.”

Jonathan Isaac – Fox23News

We Stand for the National Anthem Because it Stands for the Foundational Ideals of America – FREEDOM and LIBERTY for ALL!

The Star Spangled Banner – Fireworks over the Iwo Jima memorial

THIS IS WHY WE STAND! Listen to a rousing performance of our National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, by Madison Rising and learn a little more about our National Anthem and what it stands for.

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