Illegitimate Biden Regime Drops Mask With One Remaining Redaction

#REDACTED — Illegitimate Biden Regime Drops Mask with One Small Remaining Redaction in Red Fascist Speech

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PHILADELPHIA 9/1/22 — In a blistering prime time speech, with all the fury of a 1936 Olympics speech, Resident Biden finally dropped the mask off his illegitimate regime and showed who they really are, though he did retain one minor redaction. He attacked his political opponents and virtually declared war (metaphorically) on 1/2 of the American Citizens who want to put America First. The Great Uniter labeled the half of America that does not support his complete destruction of America, as domestic extremist semi-fascists.

Paraphrasing Resident Biden’s Red Fascist Speech…

“The half of American Citizens out there who want to Make America Great Again, or put America First, are stupid idiots. They want to think for themselves and form their own opinions, rather than blindly follow our selected elite experts and believe all our carefully crafted and widely disseminated propaganda. Who the hell do they think they are? They are really just deplorable semi-fascists.

So, we will use all the massive power of the Deep State federal government under our illegitimate control, along with our coercive partnerships with Big Business, especially Big Brother Tech and our Mass Propaganda Media, to crush any dissent once and for all. That’s what we call Uniting.”

— Resident Joe Biden

One Small Remaining Redaction

The one small redaction that remained however is the actual definition of fascism:

Big Government + Big Business + Authoritarianism = FASCISM

Which is exactly what they are doing…

The Overreach Of The Biden Administration Has Led To The Dropping Of The Executive Mask

On Thursday night Joe Biden was propped up behind the presidential seal in front of historic Independence Hall and gave the most provocative and divisive speech in modern American history. With the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence cloaked in an ominous blood red, Biden sputtered his way through an attack on “insurrectionists” he labeled as threatening American democracy, political norms, and the rule of law.

The optics of the event were likely the idea of a proud Biden staffer, fresh off receiving a $10,000 subsidy to their student loan debt, leaning into the “Dark Brandon” aesthetic that has become popular among regime loyalists on Twitter. To Americans outside of this Very Online echo chamber, the imagery drew connotations of sinister authoritarian regimes ranging as Nazi Germany, the Empire of Star Wars, or the fascist regime of V for Vendetta.

The substance of the speech supported these comparisons. It was the display of a weak regime projecting strength at a time of mass unpopularity and rising polling numbers of political opponents in pivotal midterm elections.

None of this is a surprise.

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Authored by Tho Bishop via the Mises Institute via ZeroHedge

President Trump Responds to Biden’s Red Fascist Speech

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