Imagine a Vaccine So Safe You must be forced to get it. & So Effective You must be protected after you get it.

IMAGINE A VACCINE — SO SAFE You Must be Forced to Get It & SO EFFECTIVE You Must be Protected After You Get It

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IT’S TIME! [SATIRE] — It’s time for all those vaccine resistant Deplorables out there to roll up their sleeves and just get the damn vax. After all, it’s so safe, that when the vaccine manufacturers sell it, they get total immunity from the politicians. And, it’s all about immunity isn’t it?

Are the COVID Vaccines Really Safe?

The FDA recently approved a future labeled version of the vaccine, contingent upon extensive studies that will take up to five years from now to complete. So you can rest assured that it will be fully studied for five full years and of course those studies will completely validate the safety of why you should take the vaccine now. Don’t worry that the approved labeled version of the vaccine is not yet available, and won’t be for some time. The FDA approval of the future labeled version of the vaccine, contingent on the five year studies, makes the current emergency use labeled version vaccine perfectly safe for you now. You know that’s true of course because that EUA labeled version of the vaccine still provides TOTAL IMMUNITY to the manufacturer against any and all claims of harm, so it must be perfectly safe! Who can beat TOTAL IMMUNITY!

Don’t worry that the VAERS Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System shows that more people reportedly died from these COVID vaccines in about one month than died in 9/11, and in total so far, more than 4x as many reportedly died of the COVID vaccines than died on 9/11. As one politician famously said. On 9/11 “some people did something,” so according to such politicians they would probably say that VAERS just shows some vaccines did something. Don’t worry, trust them! Besides, they’ll just ban and block anyone who tries to mention that there might be a problem with the vaccines. Problem solved!

Just roll up your sleeves!

But are the COVID Vaccines Really Effective?

Now that we’ve been told the COVID vaccines are safe, are they really effective? Well, for that you’ll just have to “trust the science.” Don’t look at the data that appears to show the most heavily vaccinated places seem to have the highest infection rates and worsening disease, like Israel. Don’t look at data that’s coming out of India that showed infections spiked out of control as vaccination rates increased. Those who blamed the vaccines were quickly disproven because they gave the population Ivermectin, and the infection rate dropped precipitously. Then once COVID was back under control, they banned Ivermectin again, which of course proves that the vaccines are indeed very effective, because they banned Ivermectin again. So Ivermectin must be the problem.

After all Ivermectin and Hydroxchloroquine are stodgy old drugs, that have been around for a very long time. Recent studies are showing that they are effective against COVID if used early. But those drugs are well off patent and only cost a few dollars. So of course they can’t be compared to shiny new state-of-the art treatments that require EUA and make a fortune for their manufacturers, who donate to the politicians who mandate them, while giving the manufacturers full immunity! Remember FULL IMMUNITY is good people!

Don’t look at any of that data, instead just “trust the science,” that Dr. Fauci is telling you. After all, he told you that masks don’t work and scoffed at the stupid idea of “walking around with masks on.” Then he said they only said that because there was a shortage of PPE, so he lied to you to get you to do what he wanted. Then he said “face-coverings” work and should be MANDATED. Then he said if one face-covering is good then two may be twice as good. Hell, why stop there? If two are twice as good, then by his logic, if we mandated ten face-coverings then we’d be TEN TIMES protected!

And they recently announced that those who were vaccinated to protect them against COVID, should now continue to wear those very effective face-coverings to help protect them against COVID. There’s no data that shows “face-coverings” do anything to stop COVID… but you can use those to better protect you against COVID after you got the VERY EFFECTIVE COVID shot to protect you against COVID. And by the way, they will MANDATE that everyone gets the COVID vaccines to be sure that they can’t be a risk to those who are vaccinated. Don’t worry that those who are vaccinated can still catch and spread COVID to others who are vaccinated so there won’t be anyone left to blame, because now with the “booster shots,” that some FDA officials resigned over, there will always be someone who is LESS VAXED than you, so you can always blame them! When you have 11 shots you can blame those stupid 10 vaxers. Problem solved!

Don’t worry that Dr. Fauci has no actual data to support any of what he prognosticates, because he said “Science Says,” and he repeated it multiple times. So it must be true and you should definitely trust it. Just because he lied to you before, to make you do what he wanted you to do, would never mean that he could possibly do that again. Everyone knows that liars only lie once and then stop, once they get caught. And everyone knows that the mass propaganda media always tells the truth.

So, roll up your sleeves!

But is Mass Vaccination Effective?

So, now we’ve been told that the COVID vaccines are BOTH safe and effective, but what about the effectiveness of mandating mass vaccination? Well, we know that deploying mass vaccination into the teeth of a pandemic will tend to make a pathogen more effective if the vaccines are “leaky,” which these vaccines are. After all, studies with previous coronavirus vaccines showed that the vaccines did indeed make the coronaviruses more effective at spreading and causing disease. So they were canceled. Just like over prescribing antibiotics creates superbugs that are antibiotic resistant, mass vaccinating with vaccines that do not stop infection or stop spread, creates superbugs that are vaccine resistant AND cause more disease. Such action is called ADE Antibody Dependent Enhancement and PP Pathogenic Priming. Such mass vaccination is SUPER EFFECTIVE at creating SUPERBUGS!

So, roll up your sleeves!

[BTW: We are not anti-vaccine. We are just anti-MANDATES. The vaccines are useful for those most at risk who should probably get them. But no one should be propagandized, pressured, intimidated, extorted or forced to get any vaccine or any medical drug or procedure, especially in AMERICA. We are also not anti-mask. N95s do provide good protection in situations where warranted when properly worn and fitted and worn with eye protection. But other “face-coverings” do virtually nothing and are just virtue signaling. If anyone wants to wear one, that’s fine. But of course those shouldn’t be mandated either. That’s just a joke. LOL!]

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