Inventor of mRNA Technology Dr. Robert Malone Exposes COVID Lies from Leaked CDC Slide Deck and Discusses Common Sense Strategies That Work

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Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology used in the COVID vaccines, takes a deep dive discussion of the COVID pandemic, COVID vaccine issues and strategies to fight COVID, on Bannon’s War Room Episode 1,137. This episode is a great wide-ranging discussion where Dr. Malone exposes all the party-line lies being thrown around and gets to a common-sense approach to dealing with this pandemic. He proposes getting back to evidence based medicine on a case-by-case basis, rather than dictating medicine from the federal government.

We are not anti-vaxers, but we do believe in fully informed consent. Such consent is not currently possible with the government, #BigBrotherTech and #FakeNews all censoring any critical information. While not anti-vaxers, we are anti-mandates and believe no experimental vaccines should be mandated on American citizens. It should be up to each citizen to decide, based on ALL available information, whether they wish to take one of the experimental vaccines or not. The most at risk probably should, but everyone should decide for themselves.

[UPDATE: The upcoming Novavax vaccine may have less side effects than the genetic therapy vaccines do, once approved for emergency use.]

Below is a transcript of most of Dr. Malone’s deep-dive COVID discussion. Emphasis and links are ours.

“As I see it, we’ve gotten locked into some fundamental policy positions that just don’t make a whole lot of sense. And one of the core problems is that you really can’t vaccinate your way out of an ongoing pandemic. You shouldn’t really be doing that. You need to focus your strategy on protecting the people that are most vulnerable, providing alternative options for those that do get sick and preparing for a protracted period where we’re going to have virus circulation. Now that it’s fully in the population, we can’t avoid that.”

“It comes down to the fundamentals of evolution and selection of viruses. Now that it’s fully in the population, if you start vaccinating, as we are, and advocating that we have universal vaccination, what that’s gonna do is drive vaccine resistant mutants. That’s inevitable. That’s just fundamental virology 1A.”

Peter Navarro asks: “The spin is just the opposite out there, saying that it’s the unvaccinated people who are generating the mutants. Can you work through the biology of why that’s exactly wrong?”

[That is] one of the fundamental lies, and I think it has to do with the scare tactics going on right now, because they’re really all-in thinking that they have to have universal vaccines. But it makes no sense to anybody that’s had even basic genetics. The virus will replicate in the unvaccinated, as it would in any human population, but it won’t evolve to escape the vaccines.”

It will evolve to escape the vaccines only in those that have been vaccinated, particularly when we have a leaky vaccine, which is what we have. All of these are leaky vaccines that don’t fully protect people from being infected and having the virus replicate and they don’t protect other people from being infected by those that have received the vaccine and been protected.”

“What that means is that viruses that are able to survive in people that have been vaccinated are gonna be more resistant to vaccines and what we end up with is an arms race between us and the virus if we do this.”

“This is basic viral biology and evolution.”

“What we can do, because we have to be humanitarians, I’m a physician right, we need to protect people. We need to protect the vulnerable. You need to target the vulnerable. But the vulnerable are actually a really small slice of the population. For instance in all of the deaths, pediatric deaths, since the start of this, up to age 18, virtually every single one of those have had strong preexisting conditions that set them up for death if they got infected. Those are the ones that should have been vaccinated in the children. In the elderly we know this goes exponential. The older you get the higher your risk goes. Those people need to be vaccinated. But the rest of the population, unless they are morbidly obese, or they have genetic immunodeficiencies or vascular leak syndrome, or some of these other risks that are known, they don’t need to be vaccinated. That’s just playing into the viruses game.”

“Now there are tools that could be used and deployed so that everybody could predict their risk.”

One of the bombshells in the recent leaked CDC slide deck is that the CDC believes that the natural immunity caused by infection only lasts for about 180 days, half a year. That happens to be exactly the length of time now that everybody is agreeing that the Pfizer vaccine is good for. That’s why Pfizer’s saying you’re gonna have to be revaccinated at six months cause the vaccine craps out, it stops being effective at six months. Why is that happening? Unknown. There’s something about coronaviruses and the antigen, and the key antigen here is spike, and it must be something having to do with spike manipulating immune responses. It’s unknown why this is. Usually vaccine responses are more durable. But in this case we have very potent vaccine technology being used and yet the vaccine durability is not lasting beyond six months and the same is true with the natural infection immunity.”

“Just like the natural cold virus, beta coronaviruses, that we’ve all been exposed to many times, this is gonna continue to circulate like flu, and what we need to do is to get it to be like flu. The natural course of virus infection when it moves to a new species, like us, is that over time it will become more infectious and less pathogenic.”

“There are some signs that this could be happening now with delta. Does that mean that’s what’s gonna happen? The randomness of the mutations is hard to predict but over time that’s what’s likely to happen, is that this will drive towards something that is more like an influenza or cold virus that just circulates in the population.”

Peter Navarro asks: “What happens if you vaccinate into a pandemic?”

It’s gonna increase the risk that you get mutations that are escaping vaccines and so you’re gonna need more and more and more powerful vaccine technology. Why does that matter? When we eventually get to something like herd immunity, there will be kind of a truce with the virus and the virus circulation will drop down until we have enough people born into the young, the pediatric cohort, and then it’ll start circulating among the young. And that’s the point where we need to be able to deploy a vaccine. That’s why we have pediatric vaccines, because it’s the new birth cohorts that fill up that glass of water to the point that the virus has enough that it can start to replicate.”

The evidence is quite clear. The risk that we now know associated with these vaccines, in the pediatric cohort, outweighs the potential benefits. It’s upside down.”

“In particular what we now know is official policy is we have these cardiotoxicities, pericarditis and myocarditis. That’s not nothing. You’re talking about long term compromise of heart function in young people. We don’t know about a whole lot of other risks, and there’s many than are potential, that appear to be in the data but they’re not yet ‘officially’ identified.”

It’s not just the mRNA, the other technology, the J&J vaccine uses adnoviruses, so it’s also a gene therapy based application of vaccines. The adenoviral vectors probably produce even more spike protein over a longer period of time than the mRNAs do. So they’re all of one category and they’ve got the same spectrum of concerns. So what we have now in official recognition, finally, of the cardiotoxicity risks. So that is the heart disease and damage. Pericarditis and Myocarditis that can last for a lifetime. You don’t fix damaged heart. You scar damaged heart. You don’t replace it, once it’s happened. So all this talk about ‘oh, this is just a transient myocarditis,” talk to the pediatric cardiologist. Talk to the practicing cardiologist. It’s not just in the young by the way. OK, so we’ve got those, and please remember, one of the core problems is that these things happen at a rare frequency but we don’t really know how rare. The public is not being informed of what the true risks are and the event rate, so they can’t make rational decisions. It’s not possible because we’re not being given the data.”

“In addition to that, other things that are well recognized in the field but not “officially” endorsed yet, is that we have thrombotic thrombocytopenia. These are blood clotting problems as well as drop in platelets that can be quite life threatening. We have central cerebral thrombosis for example. We have a wide variety of blood clotting problems associated with the damage that both the disease and the spike protein are associated with the lining of your blood vessels, vascular endothelium.”

“OK, so we have the cardiomyopathy. We have the thrombotic problems. We have, as you mentioned, autoimmune disease problems. We have an odd thing of reactivation of latent viruses that complicates our understanding of long COVID. So that includes herpes, but it also includes Epstein-Barr virus and other related latent viruses often in the herpes virus category. Why that’s happening? I don’t know, never seen that before with vaccines.”

“There’s a variety of other lower risk or lower event rate adverse events. One of them that is particularly troubling now is we are seeing Guillain-Barre syndrome with this category of genetic vaccines. This is paralysis of the face and it’s one of the classic problems with autoimmune disease that’s associated with many vaccines including influenza. We’ve seen this crop up before with the swine flu response. So we have this general category of autoimmune, we also appear to have autoimmune antibodies involved in the blood clotting.”

One of the things that has women upset all over the world right now, and is being denied is a problem, is that they are seeing alterations in their menstrual cycle almost immediately. Some of these are profound. And what has gynecologists upset is that you’re seeing women who were post-menopausal, start bleeding. Usually that’s only associated with cancer. It’s a hallmark of cancer of the female reproductive tract, and yet we’re seeing it. This doesn’t mean that cancer is gonna be developing. We don’t know. It doesn’t make sense. We’ve never seen this before.”

“Another thing that’s really odd, is again, again and again, women are reporting that they when they get the vaccine, and if they’re in a group of women, and there’s unvaccinated women, those unvaccinated women somehow are reporting that they’re also having odd menstrual irregularities and this gets to the whole worry that many people have about whether the spike protein is being shed. It probably is to some extent. And whether it’s affecting other people even the unvaccinated. That’s hard for me to understand how that could happen and yet people report it, again, again and again.”

[Antibody-dependent enhancement] is the great fear that all vaccinologists have. This is the one thing that scares us all the most. And it cropped up in the 1960s with the development of the pediatric vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus. Vaccines are known, can cause, enhanced disease. Some vaccines make disease worse. The classic example of this phenomenon, of antibody-dependent enhancement, in which the antibodies actually make it possible for the virus to infect cells that it wouldn’t otherwise infect. The classic example is dengue. When we get dengue the first time, there’s four different strains of dengue. They’re enough different that if you get the second strain that’s different, it’ll cause dengue hemorrhagic fever. That’s what kills you. This phenomenon was also seen with the dengue vaccine and caused the death of many children.”

Peter Navarro asks if the FDA should approve the vaccines that are currently only approved for emergency use because there is tremendous pressure to give full approval.

Absolutely not. There are other problems also. The original dossiers that were submitted to the FDA were woefully lacking. I’m shocked that they got through. I’ve spoken to Peter Marks about this and he acknowledges that he now has more information than he had before. I don’t know why they’re holding off, but they did say in their original authorization letter, for emergency use, last December with Pfizer, they specifically called out antibody-dependent enhancement as a risk, and they said that they didn’t have sufficient information at that time to evaluate it and they suggested that clinical trials be performed. But they didn’t mandate that they be performed to detect this. To my eye the trials were designed to not detect antibody-dependent enhancement a known chronic problem with all prior coronavirus vaccine developments.”

The belief was that this vaccine was perfectly protective and perfectly safe. That’s been the party line. Yet, we’ve known all along, that this is what’s called a leaky vaccine. It protects in the range of 50-70% against infection and spread, but if you get infected, you still replicate and you still spread to other people. Now this is clearly laid out. This is one of the bombshells in the new CDC deck they show a bunch of graphs and they show about the effects of universal masking. They kinda tweak the data but what it shows is that this vaccine cannot protect us from rampant ongoing spread of delta, no matter how much you vaccinate. We can’t get there because the reproductive coefficient is about the same as chicken-pox it is really high. And it’s in the range of 8. And the prior one was in the range of 2 to 2 1/2, the alpha variant. We just can’t get there with a vaccine this leaky. So the logic of universal vaccination has been that we can get to protection and get to herd immunity with this vaccine, and that’s just not viable. There’s a bunch of underlying assumptions.”

Steve Bannon describes how Australia is going into full lockdown and vaccine mandates at the point of a gun and asks what they think about the Biden regime’s party line that now they are changing their recommendations based on new data.

That’s basically another lie. What we’re seeing is the effect of rampant group-think and enforcing a common party line. In my world with the leading virologists that are communicating with me, none of this is a surprise. We’ve all known this was gonna happen. We know a lot about coronaviruses and coronavirus biology and replication. To say this the New York Times is really misrepresenting the truth under here. And it kinda reflects on the opening clip. What you had there was somebody who doesn’t understand vaccinology and virology shooting off their mouth and insisting that we have to take an authoritarian policy, when it doesn’t even match up with the science. We’ve had a whole lot of people talking about their personal opinion and substituting it for evidence based medicine. But this idea that the New York Times is promoting is part of this great pivot that they’re gonna have to do now and it was laid out in the Washington Post article yesterday.”

“So this was rolled out in the Washington Post when they looked at this slide deck. They said that the CDC is gonna have to pivot from its messaging before and they’re gonna have to do it in public view, and it’s gonna be extremely difficult for them to do that in terms of public policy. And I’m just gonna say it, what it amounts to is we can all see the lies now. They are transparent. There was a leaked slide deck. This is why Erin Burnett just lost her cookies the other day, on her show is because the press is coming to terms with the fact that they’ve been lied to repeatedly. And they’ve had this party line pushed at them. They bought it hook line and sinker. The rest, those that aren’t dependent on Tony’s money, have been speaking out saying no, no, no, this isn’t right. There’s no surprise here as far as I’m concerned. There is a certain amount of validation and I’ll admit that I have some pleasure in that. But it’s a little, I wish it wasn’t the case, but now the government, that’s been promoting this noble lie strategy, where the vaccines are perfect, they have no adverse events, they can get us to herd immunity, all that’s been known to be false. I’ve been talking that for over a month now. Now they’ve gotta confront the fact they’re caught in the lie.

“This is fascinating. Pfizer is now acknowledging that they have a drug candidate in advanced development. They’re explicitly saying the vaccines aren’t good enough. A therapeutic drug in development. Now suddenly it’s OK for Pfizer to tell us, Oh, by the way, the vaccines aren’t good enough we’ve gotta have a drug and oh you should think about taking our drug. What a surprise. But we’ve had drugs available. Repurposed drugs. They’re not perfect, but we’ve had them available virtually since the beginning of the outbreak.

“This is consensus. This is not just coming from me. This is me serving as a voice for physicians all over the world, literally. I’m participating in multiple study groups and chat groups and planning sessions for international conferences. There are options other than requiring universal vaccination.

“For some reason the government has felt, and I know why, it’s written into the federal register, back in 1984 that the government believes it’s OK to lie to us and block any information that would cause people to have any reservations about accepting vaccines. And the problem is that position, that it’s OK to lie to us and not give us full information, comes smack into the modern information age where people are [searching] everything. It just doesn’t work anymore.”

“There’s a number of sequence-independent, why does that matter? Sequence-independent, it means these are drugs that are gonna not be affected by whether or not it’s a virus variant. Ivermectin – the data continues to show that there is strong evidence that it has some benefit both as a prophylactic and as a therapeutic. It’s used all over the world for that. People wouldn’t be using it otherwise. It is not a silver bullet. We work with a combination Famotidine/Celecoxib, Fluvoxamine is about to get published, Apixaban is an anticoagulant. There’s a number of agents that can be used even in the outpatient environment.

We’ve got to stop this authoritarian messaging. It’s driving people into their foxholes. It’s making them less likely to accept vaccine. This is absolutely counterproductive and it doesn’t work with the science. We’ve gotta get back to evidence based medical practice. And it’s quite clear that from the CDC’s own slide deck, if you have a reproductive coefficient like chicken-pox, about 8, for R naught, our current vaccines plus rigorous masking WILL NOT stop this virus from spreading. It’s in CDC’s own slide deck. That’s what’s got the media in such a tail-twist. Is when you look at those data, we can’t get there from here. So, we’re doing stuff that is gonna drive viral evolution to be able to further escape vaccines. We’re doing it in an authoritarian fashion. All the rules are being broken. The fundamental rules of clinical ethics have just been thrown out the door. And, it’s not good science.

In some people [the vaccine] can cause great harm, that’s true. And we don’t yet know how to predict which of those are gonna be, so it’s a roll of the dice. It’s a crap shoot.

Deep intellectual thinkers have been pointing this out on the social science side, that science has a tendency to go towards a religion, and we’re seeing the consequences of that type of true-believer group-think that is being propagated in an amazing way across the whole world, because of the interface between public policy, the interests of big-pharma, and mass-media, mainstream media and big tech are all forcing this BIG LIE, this group-think on everybody, all across the world. It’s amazing.

What we gotta do is get back to emphasizing treating patients as soon as they get the disease, with these imperfect but largely effective agents that are available. We have to stop the censorship and blocking of communication and information sharing and retaliation of physicians that are just trying to practice their craft. And we need to get back to precision evidence based medicine that’s guided by laboratory test values, not by some edict from above about how thou shalt treat this agent, OK. And the docs can get us there. I have complete confidence if they’re allowed to. And if they’re not put in a position where they have to comport with the gospel ‘truth’ as put down by NIH and the NIAD and the CDC and reinforced by mainstream media and big tech. That’s what we got going right now. And it’s bad science. It’s killing people. At some point people are gonna do studies and demonstrate the number of people that have died because the public policy of only focusing on vaccines and now we’ve got, it’s not just me saying it. We’ve got Pfizer saying it. OK, what better validation do you need?

– Dr. Robert Malone on Bannon’s War Room

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