BOOOOM! IT WAS A TRAP! #J6 #FEDSURRECTION — Recently Unshackled Tucker Carlson Blows the Lid off J6 Deep State Trap with Rep Clay Higgins

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1/8/24 — In addition to the fabulous reporting that Lara Logan has been doing regarding the truth about the #J6 #FedSurrection, now, in the above video, the recently unshackled Tucker Carlson blows the lid off the J6 Deep State entrapment with Rep. Clay Higgins. As we have suspected all along, it was a carefully orchestrated Deep State Trap to cement their Deep State coup and provide a pretext to weaponize the entire government intelligence and law enforcement apparatus against their political opponents in order to retain their corrupt grip on power. But the TRUTH is getting out, despite their best efforts to bury, ban and censor it.

Here are some key eye-opening quotes from the bombshell interview exposing the truth about the #J6 #FedSurrection.

“You just said that elements within the federal government, I assume law enforcement, intel and military — and I’m using your words, lured Americans to Washington into what you called, a trap.”

Tucker Carlson

“We could see the stage was being set for a compromised election cycle possibly, and to our horror that’s what happened, so FBI had fingerprints on this thing for many months prior to J4, 5 & 6.

“On January 6th the guys were FBI assets, law enforcement assets, and they were dressed as Trump supporters. They were positioned inside the Capitol prior to the doors being opened so that the Americans that had assembled outside the Capitol, once allowed in, could be brought directly to areas where the FBI, the DOJ and the Deep State actors knew would be the most condemning criminal action for Americans being inside the Capitol protesting without permit. So they knew they were setting the stage for arrest and prosecution.”

“There’s no daylight between the compromised election cycle of November 2020 and ultimately what happened on J6.

“Real hard, objective and conservative estimates would put the number of FBI assets in the crowd outside and working inside at well over 200.

“J6 was the final act prior to arrest and prosecution of Americans that were identified as Trump supporters. The objective was to destroy the entire MAGA movement. To forever stain the Patriotic fervor that was associated with the America First MAGA movement that had won in 2016 and we believe won again in 2020 and the establishment on both sides were determined to smash that out of existence, not just by defeating Trump but by destroying the reputations of the movement itself by creating this narrative that was total false, but was heavily pushed, that MAGA Republicans, America First Republicans were somehow a danger to our Republic and a domestic terror threat.

“I’m following the evidence, and to my horror it implicates our FBI at the highest levels and a conspiracy within our government at the highest level to create the — to set the stage for a compromised election cycle in 2020, and then the actions that took place on J4, 5 and 6, and then the criminal investigation, arrest and prosecution of Americans that they were able to entrap and document with the thousands of cameras that were operating that day.”

Rep. Clay Higgins

The #MPM Mass Propaganda Media’s biggest mistake was firing those trying to tell the truth like Tucker Carlson and others. By firing him he is now free and willing to tell the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH! The TRUTH shall set us free from their bottomless corruption.

In the following video Professor David Clements discusses the wide ranging implications of the Tucker/Higgins bombshell interview.

Update: Lance Wallnau Gets to the Core of WHY the Deep State Orchestrated the #Fedsurrection on #J6 — THEY Needed to Obstruct and Stop the Objections to their 2020 Coup Because it Was Unravelling

Update: 1/15/24 — Lance Wallnau gets to the core of why the Deep State orchestrated the #Fedsurrection on #J6. THEY, the Deep State, needed to obstruct and stop the objections to their 2020 coup, because it was all unravelling. The battleground state legislatures had asked for more time to investigate their electoral college certifications which would very likely be exposed as fraudulent.

The #Fedsurrection was the Deep State’s move to stop the objections that would likely de-certify their 2020 coup, and to provide a pretext to then weaponize the entire federal government intelligence and law enforcement agencies against the American citizens trying to expose their coup. It was a desperate gambit to cement their coup and their grip on power. But the TRUTH always eventually comes out. Now, as they desperately try to keep Trump off the ballot with obviously corrupt political persecution, their panicked flailing only exposes the TRUTH even further.

This battle really boils down to an age old battle between good and evil. As evil rises, the good stand up to counter it. THAT is why the Deep State is now targeting not only the MAGA political movement, but now further targeting what they label “Christian Nationalists.” They know that the evil ones destroying America’s very foundation are at risk of being exposed and defeated by the Christians who are now standing up to them.

The greatest weapons that can be wielded against evil, are the TRUTH and the LIGHT.

THAT is what they fear most.

This is all in addition to our previous reports about the #J6 #FedSurrection & #2020Coup:

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