Jan. 6th Political Prisoner Green Beret Patriot Jeremy Brown Goes on HUNGER STRIKE for LIBERTY

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11/10/21 — In the above video, posted by The Gateway Pundit via Just Another Channel, political prisoner green beret patriot, Jeremy Brown explains why he is going on a hunger strike for LIBERTY. He is being held as one of Biden’s January 6th political prisoners. He is being held in a maximum security prison.

“Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown Is Fighting Back Against A Tyrannical Government Using One Of The Only Tools He Has Left – His Body. PLEASE SHARE This Critical Press Release And Visit https://JeremyBrownDefense.com

Just Another Channel

The more information that comes out, such as this information from Jeremy Brown, that of instigator Ray Eps and others, the more it appears that the FBI may have actually instigated the “insurrection” on the capital just as they apparently did previously in Michigan. It looks like this likely instigated “insurrection” was pre-planned and intended to shut down the objections to certification and the presentation of evidence that was planned for January 6th at the capital by GOP legislators to expose the stolen election.

Numerous battleground state legislatures had requested that their certified electoral votes be sent back to them for a period of 10 days so that they could verify the certifications were not fraudulently made, as was becoming evident. This instigated “insurrection” was conveniently used as a pretext to shut down the proceedings, bury the evidence and block, censor and ban anyone who tried to expose any of the alleged voter and election fraud.

It is looking more and more like that was exactly the objective of the instigated “insurrection,” to cover up #TheBigSteal and cement the illegitimate regime in place.

This is #Insurrectiongate.

FBI Whistleblower Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown Gives Interview from Maximum Security Prison

Jeremy Brown FBI Whistleblower Interview Exposing the FBI’s Attempt to Make Him Infiltrate & Inform on Oath Keepers

The following video on Just Another Channel is the 2 hour FBI whistleblower interview exposing the FBI’s attempt to co-opt Jeremy Brown to infiltrate and inform on the Oath Keepers. Jeremy believes this whistleblower video is what prompted the FBI to arrest him on potentially trumped up charges in another case of political persecution of those who attended the Jan. 6th rally at the capital and may have trespassed.

Green Beret Patriot Jeremy Brown Rescues Woman at the Capitol on January 6th

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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