MEGA MAGA PATRIOT KARI LAKE DROPS A BOMBSHELL LAWSUIT ON ELECTION FRAUD GROUND ZERO MARICOPA COUNTY AZ — Kari Lake Files 70 Page Lawsuit Exposing Massive Alleged Election Fraud in Maricopa County of Up to 455K Illegal Votes

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12/12/22 ELECTION FRAUD GROUND ZERO, MARICOPA COUNTY ARIZONA — In the above video MEGA MAGA Patriot Kari Lake joins Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room to discuss her 70 page lawsuit dropped on Maricopa County AZ, Election Fraud Ground Zero from BOTH 2020 and now 2022. With over 455,000 allegedly illegal votes, on an election decided by 17K votes, this election is not honestly certifiable. The coerced certification was therefore likely fraudulent. The election must be rerun, fairly.

We have whistleblowers that we have in our lawsuit, that say 300 — just about 300,000 illegal votes, with no chain of custody, were run through the system. We believe more than 130,000 votes possibly have terrible voter verification and shouldn’t have been counted. We have whistleblowers who were part of that signature verification who said every day they were turning out tens of thousands of ballots that should not have even been in the system. They had fake or no signatures or scribbles. But they were somehow pushed through by somebody in the verification process.”

“I forgot to mention these 25,000 additional votes and ballots I should call them, ballots that were just found after election day. 25,000 injected into the system. Where did they come from? There’s no chain of custody on those and this is all revealed in our lawsuit. This is why it’s a 70 page lawsuit. We have more than 270 exhibits that we have put down in this lawsuit.

— Kari Lake

“If Katie Hobbs knew she had the receipts to basically legitimize herself, because you know 72% of the people think that something went on here, untoward. If she had the receipts, to show that she was legitimate she would come forth and answer all this. All they’re doing is obfuscate it. The reason is, they ain’t got the receipts. They understand that this election was STOLEN. Let me underline that five times, STOLEN. She’s Illegitimate as Joe Biden.”

— Steve Bannon

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Kari Lake’s Mega Lawsuit Calls To Inspect Over 298,000 Early Votes Lacking Proper Chain Of Custody

Kari Lake’s Momentous Lawsuit Exposes Arizona Used No Signature Verification, Jim Hoft Reports

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Analysis: Kari Lake Files AZ Election Integrity Lawsuit

“The lawsuit seeks a new election in Maricopa County, among other remedy, and alleges ten counts of fraud and criminal mismanagement. Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem, and Attorney General candidate Abe Hamadeh have also filed suits against Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County.”

“Lake starts by telling everyone what we already knew—the number of illegal votes case on 11/8 far exceeds the margin of victory, and on because of the *misconduct* of Maricopa County election officials, on Election Day 59% percent of precincts in Maricopa had printer or tabulator issues.”

“Right out of the gate they are alleging misconduct on the part of Maricopa county.”

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— Tracy Beanz, UncoverDC

Rich Baris: Maricopa Had A “Heat Map” of Expected Republican Voters where the Majority of Problematic Election Machines were “Coincidentally” Located and a Democrat Voter Heat Map where the Election Machines Largely Operated Properly


Kari Lake’s 70 Page Lawsuit Against Maricopa County, AZ

Download Kari Lake’s 70 Page Lawsuit — Case #CV2022-095403 Docket


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