UPDATE: GROUND ZERO AZ ELECTION FRAUD DAM IS COLLAPSING — Kari Lake’s Legal Team Dismantled Fraudulent Maricopa County Election Showing Massive Amount of Ballots Lacked Chain of Custody and Rampant Ballot Printing Errors Disenfranchised Republican Voters on Election Day

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12/23/22 ELECTION FRAUD GROUND ZERO, MARICOPA COUNTY ARIZONA — In the above video MEGA MAGA Patriot Kari Lake makes a statement about her maricopa county Election Fraud trial. If this case succeeds, it will break the Election Fraud Denial Dam wide open and start toppling dominoes going right back to the stolen 2020 election.

“I am so incredibly proud of our amazing attorneys and staff that put this amazing case together, historic case. We proved without a shadow of a doubt that there was malicious intent that caused disruption so great it changed the results of the election. I’m incredibly proud of both Brian Blehm and Kurt Olsen who led up this legal team. We provided expert testimony. We provided experts. The other side brought in activists, to try to save face. They admitted that they’ve known about these ballot problems, ballot problems. Now they’re trying to say it’s been going on for three elections?”

“Our elections are a mess in this country and I am so happy to stand up and say, No longer will we as Americans put up with this. We demand fair, honest, transparent elections. And we will get them.”

“And I pray so hard for this judge. I think that he really took in all of that information. I think he listened very closely to what happened. And I am fighting for the people of Arizona, but not just for the people of Arizona. I’m fighting for the people of this country and for our future.”

“If we don’t have honest elections where We decide who represents us, then we don’t have a country anymore.”

“And you know, the defendants, their attorney said in his closing statement, he said: We choose our Rulers. Isn’t that telling? This was a Selection, not an Election. And we in America choose who Represents us. And we will restore Honest Elections. And I will Never stop fighting. I will never stop fighting.

— Kari Lake outside courthouse

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Scott Jarret, Elections Director, admits that fit to print issue did occur despite his previous testimony that 19” ballots were not printed on 20” paper, and admits it was known but Maricopa County didn’t inform the public about it

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Day One 12/21/22

Kari Lake Witnesses

  • Stephen Richer, Maricopa County Recorder
    After much obfuscation Richer finally admits that the early ballots dropped off on election day are NOT counted at the vote centers. Then they are sent to a third-party company where they are counted. So, there is NO chain of custody vote count between the vote centers and the first of two third-party companies. This encompasses almost 300K votes, more than 10x the vote margin with no way to verify how many ballots were actually dropped off at the vote centers.
  • Scott Jarret, Maricopa County Co-Elections Director
    Testified that there were NO 19” sized ballot images printed on 20” ballot paper that he knew about. The following day he testified that there were, and that he knew about it.
  • Clay Parikh, Information Security Officer & Certified Ethical Hacker
    Testified that he physically examined and measured 19” ballot images printed on 20” ballot paper at all Maricopa vote centers. This size discrepancy causes the 19” ballot images to be rejected and the tabulator to report a false “paper jam” due to the margin discrepancy. Testified that printing a 19” ballot image on a 20” ballot could only be done intentionally because it requires administrator access to change the settings.
  • Heather Honey, Investigator & Auditor
    Testified and played voicemail that “Betty” from the Maricopa Elections could not locate the chain of custody documents. The defense counsel attempts to trip her up saying that even if ballots were harvested they wouldn’t be illegal ballots. She corrects him, explaining that no, the correct term would be an “INVALID” ballot. That shuts him up and he has no further questions.
  • Bradley Bentencourt, Maricopa County Temporary Elections Technician
  • Mark Sonnenklar, RNC Roving Elections Integrity Lawyer

Day Two 12/22/22

Kari Lake Witnesses

  • Richard Baris, Expert Pollster
    Testified that his estimates show 25-40K voters were disenfranchised by the election day issues at the voting centers.

Kati Hobbs Witnesses

  • Kenneth Mayer,
  • Reynaldo Valenzuela
  • Scott Jarret, Maricopa County Co-Elections Director
    After yesterday testifying that no 19” ballot images were printed on 20” ballot paper, Mr. Jarrett today testified that there was a “shrink to fit” printing problem on ballots which could print smaller images on ballot paper. He admitted that this setting was changed on election day. He also testified that he knew about this problem for years based on previous elections. [After apparently being coached by his lawyers between yesterday’s testimony and todays.]
  • Ryan Macias

Lake Lawsuit To Go To State Supreme Court After New Evidence Proves “Arizona’s Election Was Stolen”

UPDATE: Kari Lake to Appeal After Judge Dismissed Case

UPDATE: Michele Swinick Joins Brannon Howse on The Lindell Report to Drop More Maricopa County Election Fraud Proof of Fabricating Documents AFTER the Election to Coverup their Corruption

Arizona 2022 Election Fraud Cases

For more details about the Kari Lake lawsuit, see our initial post about the AZ Election Fraud lawsuit which includes a full PDF of the 70 page lawsuit and our previous post about the lawsuit going to trial.

There are also three additional 2022 AZ Election Fraud lawsuits in various stages. Some have been dismissed and in the process of being appealed.

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  • So what happens now? Probably not a damned thing. The election was rigged everyone knows it just like the last election when they screwed Trump. I am convinced that if they had not came up with beating Trump in a rigged election he very likely would have been taken out . They will do nothing.

    • Nothing will be done if no one stands up and fights back of course, so they are fighting back. The more the truth comes out, the more desperate the left is to block the truth. But in the end, the truth wins. Just keep speaking and spreading the truth.

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