BOOOM! LARA LOGAN RELENTLESSLY DROPPING MASSIVE TRUTH BOMBS ABOUT THE #J6 #FEDSURRECTION — Police Brutality and Political Persecution of American Patriot Victoria White

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UPDATE 1/7/24 — Lara Logan dropped the next episode in her phenomenal #J6 #FedSurrection coverage revealing the truth about what really happened on January 6th 2020, contrary to the propaganda narrative woven by the illegitimate Biden/Harris regime. Now we see why the corrupt January 6th [un]Select Committee desperately attempted to prevent the public from seeing the massive amount of videotape from the events of January 6th, 2020, because they show the truth of what really went down that dark day. This episode of Lara Logan’s The Rest of the Story reveals the cruel beating of police brutality, the subsequent coverup and political persecution of American Patriot Victoria Charity White, an unarmed woman.

US Rep Clay Higgins “They’re Going Down”, Ray Epps, Matthew Perna, The Brunson Brothers & TREASON

12/15/23 — WOW! Lara Logan’s new streaming series of investigative reports, The Rest of the Story with Lara Logan, has been relentlessly dropping an endless stream of massive truth bombs about the #J6 #FEDSURRECTION. In the above video Lara joined Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room to discuss the latest bombshells from her most recent interview with U.S. Representative Clay Higgins who has been investigating January 6th since it happened. His investigative team has uncovered evidence of large numbers of federal agents and/or assets masquerading as Trump Supporters deployed within the massive crowd. He has vowed to get to the bottom of it and hold those responsible accountable.

[UPDATED 12/17/23] IMHO, American Patriots are currently in a life or death peaceful political battle to take back control of our beloved country from the iron grip of the corrupt Deep State by re-electing President Trump. President Trump won re-election on Nov 3rd 2020. That massive victory was then stolen in a Deep State soft coup beginning in the dead of night on Nov 4th 2020 when the black box election machines were shut down, tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots were illegally scanned and rescanned, shipped across state lines and counted well beyond the deadlines until the election was successfully stolen.

Then on January 6th 2021 Trump was preparing with members of both the House and Senate to peacefully, legally and lawfully exercise the remedies within the U.S. Constitution to contest the stolen election. Legislatures from the key battleground states had asked Congress to give them more time to investigate the likely fraudulent certifications of their electors. Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate were on record stating that they planned to object to the counting of the likely fraudulent electors. That would trigger the House and Senate to convene deliberations in both the House and Senate where members intended to enter mountains of evidence of election fraud into the congressional record on the floors of the House and Senate. If they successfully got any of the contested electors thrown out, that would have triggered a contingent election where the House of Representatives would then vote to elect the president. Each state would get one vote. By such a vote President Trump would have the majority and would most likely have been justly re-elected.

The Deep State could not let that happen or their 2020 coup would fail, so they had another insurance plan to stop the truth about the stolen election from coming out, much as their bogus Russiagate insurance plan psyop they previously ran to try to stop Trump’s first administration. Deep State actors and agitators, masquerading as Trump supporters, were embedded within the real Trump supporters in order to “storm the capital” and instigate the “riot” of J6 in order to block and obstruct the official proceedings, and blame their own obstruction of the proceedings on the Trump supporters. Cui bono? The Trump supporters were there to support their members of Congress to object to the certification and trigger a contingent election where Trump would still likely win. They were not there to stop anything. The Deep State wanted to obstruct what was going down in Congress, not the Trump supporters. So the Deep State funneled Trump supporters into the capitol and triggered a “riot” in order to stop the proceedings and blame it on the Trump supporters.

Once the objections and proceedings were indeed stopped, the Deep State then used that instigated riot as a pretext to lock down the U.S. Capitol with fences, razor wire and heavily armed military the likes of which rightly belong to any fascist dictatorship. They further used that pretext to weaponize the vast network of corrupt federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies against We the People and began to methodically hunt down, politically persecute and jail, without due process, those who had stood up and spoke to question their corrupt coup. To this day, the stasi FBI is still hunting down and arresting Trump supporters; and the TSA still has three armed air-marshals trailing every Trump supporter who flew into DC around J6, as they fly anywhere today.

Tomorrow is fittingly the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Had the British won the American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party would have been represented as an insurrection and those who took part would have been hunted and persecuted as domestic terrorists. That is unfortunately where we find ourselves today. If American Patriots succeed in re-electing President Trump in 2024, against the Deep State persecution, lawfare, election interference and fraud, etc., then we may finally expose the truth about the Deep State Coup of 2020 and the Deep State J6 Fedsurrection. Then the truth may finally right the Big Lies that Biden “won” the 2020 election and that J6 was an “insurrection.”

Then future generations may look back on J6 as our latest Boston Tea Party, when American Patriots “peacefully and patriotically” petitioned their government for their grievances, as President Trump said, despite the efforts of the corrupt Deep State to instigate a riot and use that as a pretext to shut down the presentation of all the election fraud evidence, lock down the capitol, hunt down and persecute their political opponents and cement their corrupt fascist coup.

We can still peacefully take our country back with a landslide victory in 2024 so massive that they are simply unable to steal it away again with their black box election machines and trafficked mail-in ballots. So, keep spreading the truth against all the propaganda and lies, PRAY AND GET OUT AND VOTE!


— PatriotBites

U.S. Representative Clay Higgins Speaks Out About #J6 #FEDSURRECTION

The Rest of the Story with Lara Logan Episode 9: Rep Clay Higgins Speaks Out

Below are some selected Clay Higgins quotes from the full interview transcript followed by all the previous #J6 #Fedsurrection episodes and additional J6 interviews that Lara Logan gave to various media outlets.

“And I’m going to fight legally and peacefully and within the parameters of the Constitution that I’ve sworn to serve, but they’re going down. These – these men, and their high perch in their, their position of power and authority and are walking upon our entire history, our deepest core principles. They’re not going to get away with it.

“These two buses in the middle here, they were the first to arrive at Union Station on January 6th. Zero 5-hundred. I have all this evidence. I’m showing you the tip of this iceberg.

“They were all men in all the Trump regalia. These men were in really good shape. They made comments like, ‘Wow, these are real serious Trump supporters. These guys’ and they said they all had elbow pads and knee pads. And at least they appeared like they had common equipment, but they were not in uniform, but they – they behaved in a uniform manner.”

“And we intend to get all of that video evidence from Union Station, from the escalators, from the parking lot. We have other eyewitnesses, much to the chagrin of everybody that was in those buses and everyone who commanded them to be there. We’ve identified one of those buses. And you know what that means? That means that’s their ass, because a bus is a serial numbered vehicle.

“I feel very, very confident that – that everybody that was on those two buses were FBI assets. And I have a high degree of belief there were actual FBI agents. And – and I’m, I’m sorry to say, ma’am, my objective conclusion is that – that senior officials at the at the FBI were deeply involved there.”

“We were just Americans. We were Americans that were that were angry and – and we were enraged that our freedoms were being oppressed and that FBI and the powers that had become corrupted, the those – those bad actors within the federal government that had this authority, they said ‘these Americans, how dare those Americans challenge the oppression that we’re putting upon them.’

“Any reasonable man would look at that and say this was a coordinated effort by a law enforcement to have these people come in to. So who was that? They had to be, you know, I think as nefarious forces and part of the whole agenda of the – of the FBI with their involvement of this whole thing. We have other evidence, specific observations of police officers, Capitol police or metro, both entering rooms and here in the Capitol in uniform and coming out as Trump supporters and construction workers.

“I don’t want to believe these things. I’ve been a cop for a long time, since I was a little boy. The FBI shield was – that was the baddest ass badge a cop could ever earn. It was an honored achievement to become an FBI agent so it’s with great pain I describe the corruption that has taken hold within our FBI, and we intend to clean it up because these rank-and-file FBI agents, let me tell you that a lot of these men and women are quite disturbed about what has happened to their beloved FBI. Same thing inside the DOJ. We have an obligation as Americans to embrace truth, whether it’s ugly or not, so that we can take corrective action.

“Yeah, that would flip the case. The bottom line is that if we are successful, if Mike Johnson is successful at getting all the digital evidence from J4, 5, and 6 released entirely to the American people, including the body cam footage of – of – of every police officer that was either operating in uniform or not in uniform, shall we say, then all these J6 I call ‘persecutions’, these political prisoners, those cases will be flipped because it’s exculpatory evidence that’s been withheld and the prosecution has a legal responsibility to provide exculpatory evidence that they’re in possession of to the defense. In this case, in every one of these J6 cases that have been prosecuted, the FBI and the DOJ has most certainly been in possession of all the digital evidence that we’re describing right now. If we’re successful at getting that evidence released to the American people, the American people are going to be stunned into acceptance of the reality that our FBI and our DOJ, and in some cases, head people in our intelligence services, have been corrupted by power.

— U.S. Representative Clay Higgins

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