Liberty Blazes to Life in Arizona Hearing Legislators Moved to Decertify Results and Appoint their Own Electors

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Arizona 11/30/20 – WOW! If the Gettysburg hearing was the spark, Arizona was a BONFIRE! America’s Mayor and the head of President Trump’s legal team, Rudy Giuliani, along with an 11 hour parade of witnesses set blaze after blaze of alleged election fraud in today’s Arizona State House public hearing. The endless evidence of widespread alleged election fraud dwarfed what was exhibited at Gettysburg and set a fire in the lawmakers.

In the middle of the hearing, almost as if to mock the proceedings, the Governor and Secretary of State of Arizona certified the allegedly fraudulent results. By the end of the hearing many of the lawmakers vowed to stand for Liberty and reverse this allegedly fraudulent certification and appoint their own Trump electors.

COURAGE is CONTAGIOUS! Now that the light of Liberty that was sparked in Gettysburg blazes through Arizona it will inevitably spread to other suspect battleground states. With only legal votes counted President Trump should win reelection in a LANDSLIDE!

After the Gettysburg hearing I gave them a 50/50 shot to right this wrong. After today’s marathon parade of evidence in Arizona and the fantastic response by the Arizona legislators I now give Trump a 60/40 chance to right this wrong. The law and the Constitution are on Trump’s side. This is going to come down to the courage and resolve of Republican legislators and constitutional conservative judges and justices. They must find the courage to stand up to the leftist mob and restore law and order to let justice prevail. This rapidly exploding MOUNTAIN of evidence should help them find their resolve.

Mat Braynard Testifies about Concrete Widespread Alleged Voter Fraud in the Arizona Election

Dr. Shiva Testifies how the Dominion Weighted Race “Feature” Likely Increased Biden Votes by 1.3 and Reduced Trump Votes by 0.3.

Watch the Full Arizona Hearing that Lit a BONFIRE in the Name of Liberty!

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