LIBERTY RISING Madison Cawthorn Leads American Patriots to Rise Against Medical Tyranny: “Madame Speaker You Are NOT GOD!”

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In the wake of Nancy Pelosi’s tyrannical pronouncements about mask mandates, Madison Cawthorn leads American Patriots to rise against medical tyranny. Young firebrands like this are starting to help the GOP finally find their backbone to stand up to the socialist/communist takeover of America that began with the stolen election of 2020. Pelosi of course tried to play “SCIENCE SAYS” to make everyone do as she says by saying the magic word, “SCIENCE,” but people have started to figure out their game.

“Madame Speaker, you are NOT GOD!

You’re will does not bend the forest or shake the mountains. And let me assure you, your will does not bow the knee of millions of my countrymen who refuse to heed your callus command. To threaten arrest on others for their own personal medical decisions is nothing short of medical apartheid and I will not let it stand.

For if I have to cowardly bend the knee here like those on the left wish, then what is to stop you all from taking your tyranny to the rest of this country that I love? How dare anyone in this institution attempt to dictate to the Patriots of my staff how they may live their lives. For one to think that because they have the title “honorable” attached to their name means that they may dictate what others may say and think repulses me.

What makes this nation special is that in this free land THE PEOPLE are the royalty.

So, arrest us if you will. But I will not cower. And I will not bend.

Madame Speaker you have come to take away our liberties. But Madame Speaker, in this country you are outnumbered. With that I yield back.”

– Madison Cawthorn, US Representative of North Carolina

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