Life After Defunding of Police LOL!

Life After Defunding of Police LOL!

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Here’s another great political cartoon from Ben Garrison – The “Karen” Patrol! This would likely be the best you could hope for. More likely you’d end up with the militarized wing of BLM/Antifa running the cities. Better speak out to DEFEND THE POLICE before this insanity takes root much further!

“You Have the Right To remain violent…”

Many big-named Democrats are seriously considering the de-funding or outright removal of police forces in many big cities.

Those cities have long been under the control of Democrats, who have no morphed into outright socialists. Apparently the police forces will be replaced by community volunteers such as Social Justice Warriors and ‘Karens.’ Some of the socialists are even considering doing away with jails, courthouses and the entire justice process.

Ben Garrison

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