HATE HAS NO HOME HERE* *UNLESS YOU SHIP US ILLEGAL ALIENS. Then we will ship them out quicker than Kamala can cackle.

#NIMBY LEFTISTS — Martha’s Vineyard Residents Quickly Add Asterisks to Their “HATE HAS NO HOME HERE*” Yard Signs as They Ship Out Illegal Aliens Quicker than Kamala can Cackle.

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MARTHA’S VINEYARD 9/16/22 — The residents of Martha’s vineyard declared a state of emergency when 50 illegal aliens were sent to them by Ron Desantis, Governor of Florida. They used the state of emergency declaration to get federal aid so that they could have their “HATE HAS NO HOME HERE” yard signs all reprinted and replanted on an emergency rush basis. The newly reprinted yard signs now include a NIMBY asterisk to clarify their high falutin’ virtue signaling, making it clear that they stand firm on welcoming the diversity of the illegal alien invasion on the southern border, as long as it stays out of their neighborhoods.

Left-Wing Martha's Vineyard Elites Deport Illegal Immigrants After Just 24 Hours. - The Federalist on Truth Social

Chad and CJaye: The Martha’s Vineyard Invasion Song

“Bing your hungry. Bring your weary. Bring your sick and bring your poor but keep your ass off Martha’s Vinyard.”

Chad and CJaye: The Martha’s Vineyard Invasion Song

How Do You Expose Radical Leftist Virtue Signaling Hypocrisy? Force Them to Own & Deal With the Disastrous Reality of their Own Delusions.

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