MASSIVE Save America March Trump Rally on White House Oval

WHITE HOUSE 1/6/21 – American Patriots came from all across the nation to heed President Trump’s call to come to Washington DC for the Save America March Trump Rally. They came to help support President Trump as the Congress met in a joint session to certify the Electoral College where a number of states were contested due to systemic alleged election fraud. Tens of thousands or more patriots listened to the many great speeches.

The event was peaceful for most of the day until the crowd later marched to the Capitol. Unfortunately at that point, some agitators in the crowd broke windows and pushed into the Capitol along with some Trump supporters. This was unacceptable and contrary to everything that President Trump and his MAGA movement stands for. President Trump had regularly cautioned everyone to remain peaceful, before, during and after his speech.

Amazing Aerial View of Save America March Trump Rally

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Eric & Laura Trump Address the Crowd of American Patriots

Kimberly Guilfoyle & Donald Trump Jr. Energize the Crowd of Patriots

New Representative Madison Cawthorn Talks about Courage Rising in the New Republican Party

Rudy Giuliani & Dr. John Eastman Discuss the Trump Legal Team Strategy for the Contested Electoral Votes

Full Live Coverage of the Save America March Trump Rally on Right Side Broadcasting

BIGLY Barnstorming Playlist of MAGA Trump Rallies

Watch some of the massive high energy MAGA Trump Rallies as President Trump barnstorms across the nation.

YUUGE Video Playlist of MAGA Trump Caravans

Trump car parades that began this fall pick up steam in support of President Trump as the election nears.

MASSIVE Red Wave Rising Playlist of Trump Flotillas

Trump boat parades that spontaneously erupted all summer catch a new wave in support of President Trump as he recovers from COVID.

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