Michele Bachmann Highlights 7 Hour Blockbuster Expose on 2020 Election Fraud in Regent University’s Election Integrity Summit

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In the above Bannon War Room Ep. 821 video, Steve Bannon interviews Michele Bachmann, Dean of Regent University’s Robertson School of Government, about her 7-hour blockbuster expose on 2020 election fraud in Regent University’s Analyzing American Election Integrity summit online conference. They went over much of the election fraud that was used to steal the 2020 election and how Pelosi’s house is trying to institutionalize election fraud going forward in their insidious HR-1.

For the very first time, this is the “Opening Salvo” in telling the truth about what happened in the 2020 election and what is happening today by the selfish, craven left, in wanting to make sure that they establish full power for themselves going forward. We went through all of it.

– Michele Bachmann, Dean of Government, Regent University

The radical leftists have attempted to label any investigation of the massive election fraud in the 2020 election as #TheBigLie. That’s their modus operandi, blaming their opponents of that which they are guilty of. #TheBigLie is actually that Biden won the election. He did not. As will be come clear by watching the following 7-hour “Opening Salvo” in exposing the truth about the 2020 election – Analyzing American Election Integrity Virtual Conference.

Jim and Joe Hoft – The Gateway Pundit – Evidence of Voter Fraud | Election Integrity

Jim and Joe Hoft, Founders of The Gateway Pundit

Dr. Peter NavarroTrump Won | Election Integrity

Dr. Peter Navarro, Former U.S. Director of Trade for President Trump and author of the three volume Navarro Report on the 2020 election fraud:

Panel HR1 – Institutionalizing Voter Fraud? | Election Integrity

  • Moderator:Dean Michele Bachmann
  • John Fund, Senior Editor at The American Spectator
  • Hans von Spakovsky, Former member of the Federal Election Commission
  • Jay Ashcroft, Missouri Secretary of State

Dr. David Clements – Closing Argument | Election Integrity

Dr. David Clements, Law Professor, New Mexico State University

Dr. Ben Carson Keynote Address | Election Integrity

Dr. Ben Carson – Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Neurosurgeon, and Author

Merely bringing up questionable practices, as has been well documented—all of this voter fraud. If you do that, you get excoriated in the media. Now, why is that? It’s because they have their own narrative to push and they do it by shutting down any conversation about election abnormalities and, yes, fraud.

– Dr. Ben Carson, Former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Regent University has published a full transcript of Dr. Ben Carson’s keynote address.

NOTE: If the above video fails to play in the embed, here’s a link to the Dr. Ben Carson Keynote Address on BitChute.

Panel: Voter ID | Election Integrity

  • Moderator: Professor Henry Jones
  • Dr. Kris Kobach, Former Kansas Secretary of State
  • William Wachtel, Managing Partner, Wachtel Missry, LLP
  • The Honorable Robert Neal Hunter, Jr., Retired North Carolina Supreme Court Justice
  • Patricia Nation, Civil Rights Attorney

NOTE: If the above video fails to play in the embed, here’s a link to the VoterID panel video on BitChute.

Mark SteynFree Speech | Election Integrity

Mark Steyn, Canadian Author and Commentator

NOTE: If the above video fails to play in the embed, here’s a link to the Mark Steyn video on BitChute.

Eric MetaxasEthics & God | Election Integrity

Eric Metaxas, Author & Radio Host

NOTE: If the above video fails to play in the embed, here’s a link to the Eric Metaxas video on BitChute.

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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